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About me

Found 8 results

  1. PopRevolt


    Greetings! Introducing a new guild on the block - Absalom! The guild is named after my rather notorious warlock from Warspear-Sapphire. I am the founder of Sithlords on that server, which is the best MC guild to this day. I stopped playing warspear quite a few years ago, but have somewhat recently begun spending a lot of time in Skylore. I aim to make this guild a great and notorious guild similar to how Sithlords was run in warspear (if any of you are familiar with that). We will have an active discord, and eventually cause havoc on the server, farming bosses, spamming arena, and overall having a great time irritating the neighbors. Drop me a line in game @PopRevolt or come say hi on our discord channel which can be found at the bottom of the guild's official website: https://www.absalomguild.com/ Hope to see some early adopters who have faith in my vision and leadership abilities, as I am looking for some assistants to collaborate with and make this guild the best it can be! Cheers!
  2. 建议增加战争公会的权益。现在处于战乱状态的公会太少了,太无聊了。所以,想要大部分公会开战,可以增加战争公会的收益。比如公会开战天赋时间缩短,金币和知识获取量增加。这样会增加开战的公会数量,PVP越多越有趣。
  3. Caotikus


    A change that would bring many positives would be an alliance system for guilds. Guilds already form an alliance, however, the game does not have any mechanics for this. An alliance system would boost world pvp and guilds would have more relevance. Here's a tip.
  4. Eclipse Corp объявляет набор активных игроков! Eclipse Corp - это: Ежедневные мероприятия (актуальные рейды, фарм мировых боссов, ПвП-замесы) Всегда включенные бафы гильдии, ускоряющие прокачку Подробные гайды на любой внутриигровой контент от опытнейших игроков Душевное общение без лишних формальностей Возможность стать частью коллектива сильнейшей ПвП-гильдии в игре Чего мы ждем от вас? 12+ уровень Возможность заходить в войс и слушать Адекватность и восприимчивость к конструктивной критике Особенно будем рады хилам Самых активных и способных мы всегда готовы пригласить в основной состав гильдии. Подать заявку можете на сервере нашей гильдии в дискорде. Также можете ознакомиться с нашим каналом на Youtube.
  5. I have a suggestion: when players change to killing mode (red name) and have the behavior of attacking other players, they should be restricted to change mode again after a certain time (such as 12 hours), so as to prevent some disgusting players, these players temporarily change to attacking mode after meeting other players who can be killed, and immediately change back after killing them, which is very unfair and annoying. The principle is: if you like to kill, you can, but you must stay in the red name for a period of time as a constraint,should not like this: change to red name when you want to kill, and pretend to be peaceful when you don't want to kill.
  6. Like most of you all, I also hate reading too much text so I'll try to write this as simple as possible. Before choosing which gear to use, it's important to look at which stat an item will have after upgrading it from Common to Uncommon Notice the red squares Composure - Deal more damage to Weak, Regular, and Strong monsters. Might - Deal more damage to Elite, Boss, and Champion monsters. Resilience - Take less damage from attacks and get less likely critical hits from players. I made this thread because I wasn't really paying attention to this while I started playing and now I'm stuck with this mess I have. As you can see from the photos, the attributes it gets can be seen there yet I failed to understand what it meant until I read a Russian guide which was translated through Google. Hopefully with this, you have a better understanding to this guide.
  7. Первое масс ПВП в Гроте, после долгожданного ввода гильдий в игре. Sky | The Sky | Sky Team VS Eclipse Corp | Eclipse Academy | Demonologists | Force Если ролик вам понравился - не забудьте поставить лайк, а если не понравился - то напишите в комментариях почему. Приятного просмотра!
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