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[2019.12.30] Happy New Year!


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Dear friends!

We hasten to wish you a happy New Year! May you and your loved ones be healthy as well as be full of positive emotions and impressions every moment. From our side we will do our best to make Skylore please you! 😊

This year was very important for us: we entered the stage of open testing not only in the CIS, but also in some foreign countries! Ahead, of course, we have to implement more ambitious plans, which we will talk about later. But now, as a small New Year's surprise, we want to share some ideas with you that we are actively developing right now. Let’s see what awaits us in the future:

  • More available PvE activities.
  • Guilds, guild PvP and PvE modes.
  • Unusual tactical PvPvE mode called Lands of Madness.
  • More features for open PvP.
  • New locations and story missions.
  • New Dungeons.
  • New mechanics for Arena and Battlefield modes.
  • Mechanics of equipment enchanting.
  • More comfortable control in a battle.
  • And some other interesting new things, mechanics and features 😉

What do you expect the most? Tell us in the comments!

P.S. We updated our sticker pack with holiday Nibbler and Nibblebot emoji to it! New emojis have appeared on the forum!

Congratulate your friends and family on the holidays!

Happy New Year! 🎄
See you!

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В 30.12.2019 в 14:57, Fortknight сказал:

HAPPY New year too Admins and developers! it's been an awesome testing. 

Thank you for congratulations :Present_Nibbler:

17 часов назад, Devilrokas сказал:

Why dont you release game this month already in beta test it was playable i remember warspear was released in far worse condition no one had problem with it i hope its going to be possible to stay level 6 arena etc since there was arena items lvl6

The next added content will entail changes in the finished one - playing in such an atmosphere is extremely unpleasant. We do not want to create such inconvenience for players, so we will only announce the release when the main part of the game will be ready. 
Do not forget to follow the news, we will promptly talk about all the important events! :Yuo_Know_what_I_mean_Nibbler:

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В 20.02.2020 в 22:11, First сказал:

Looking forward to more news about the state of the game. Take your time mods 🙂 oh and we definetely need a dealer like in warspear

В 21.02.2020 в 12:54, quenster сказал:

Looking forward for development news and the next BETA stage. Also hoping for the BETA to be open to all regions. Wanna test the game and provide valuable feedback to the developers 😃

Thank you for your support and kind words! I promise to share all the important information as soon as I get it from the developers. This should happen very soon!

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