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Chronicle: Part II. «The Consequences of Disappearing Magic»


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1108387380_ava_ilya_arkadievich_628670.png.ed3278c212ba1d6eb34f537fd0673e4d.pngWe continue to plunge into the history of the Skylore universe, using the notes of Eadweard Bac — the first known member of the Order of the History Keepers!

In this part, you will find out what happened to our world a few days after the events in the Subterranean Temple, the consequences of the Great Vortex Ritual for the inhabitants of Arinar, and also about important decisions made by the leaders of the warring factions.




Three days after the ritual

Several days have passed since the power held in the Timepiece of Origin burst free. All else aside, it did as intended and lifted the curse of Advin-Tar, but all other instances of magic were erased as well. Few believed that one artifact could have such a devastating effect, but that does not change the truth: magic is leaving Arinar.

We did not realize right away what threat the disappearance of magic posed, but everything that happened afterwards forced us to accept the sheer scale of the catastrophe. First, power faded from amulets and artifacts. Soon after, mages and oracles began to weaken, but what happened next was what pushed Arinar over the brink into chaos. All the islands that had been magically suspended in the air collapsed in the blink of an eye, entombing thousands of Arinites beneath them…

*Page missing*

Ten days after the ritual

...it seems the disappearance of magic was only the beginning. Volcanic eruptions and catastrophic earthquakes struck Arinar, erasing many cities from the face of the earth. Maliat has become one of the last bastions of safety, and refugees from across the land continue to pour in, but no one knows how long the city will stand.

Now, with our world on the edge of collapsing, the Sentinels and the Legion have made the only sensible decision: to end their war. All the heroes who so recently thirsted for each other's blood in the fight for the Spear fragments, have now joined forces to save the world from destruction…


*Page missing*

…dragonriders reported that a scattering of new islands appeared after the earthquakes, and that the elements seemed to have left these havens untouched. The leader of the alliance ordered the fleet equipped to transport refugees to this new territory, and all of Maliat was soon on the move.

Fate has taken a rather unprecedented twist, as tomorrow I set sail for the distant mainland with a crew of shadders, Ayvondil's cat-like inhabitants. They seem amiable, but one of the kittens has already attempted to steal my money pouch. This promises to be quite an interesting journey…

To be continued ...

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