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Chronicle: Part III. «Journey at Sea»


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1738440620_ava_ilya_arkadievich_628670.png.c79096d91e41fda553b19dd9c3cef3cc.pngChronicle: Part III. «Journey at Sea»

The third part of “The Chronicles of Skylore” concludes the story of Edward Bac and is the key to the further fate of the Order of the History Keepers and the whole Arinar.

This time the hero will tell about an expedition to new lands, ancient healing methods in Arinar, and also will find a mysterious friend who will tell him where to find the answer to all his questions.



Fourteen days after the ritual

For the third day counting, our flagship cuts through the vast expanse of the sea, and the moment when we will finally see our new home draws ever closer. I know I shall remember the journey itself for a long time, especially these endless bouts of seasickness. Fortunately, one of the shadder shamans had a treatment: some pungent herb that held my queasiness at bay.

It appears our trip will last several more weeks, so I have decided to devote this time to my search for answers. The Vortex Ritual, our disappearing magic, the split of Arinar… they are all pieces of the same puzzle, and perhaps there is someone on the ship who can help me solve it.

Sixteen days after the ritual

Thorough questioning of the crew led me to a certain astrologer from Moraktar. He preferred to keep to himself, and did not welcome my company at first. However, as soon as I mentioned the purpose of my research, his expression changed. He cryptically suggested that I take the air on deck after dark, but when I pressed him further, he made it clear that our conversation was over.


With no other leads to follow, I had nothing to lose by taking his strange advice. For hours on end I paced aimlessly fore and aft, peering out at the sea, willing it to reveal the answers I sought. But to no avail. In desperation, I turned my gaze upward to the night sky—and felt the pieces fall into place. The sky above me was unimaginably alien, the familiar constellations replaced by curious shapes I had never before laid eyes on. Could it be that we…

*Page missing*

To be continued ...

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