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Chronicle: Part IV. «A World Without Magic»


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176784531_ava_grandson_628670.png.7086b0c5d28f7491bd8b2bcb9434e7da.pngChronicle: Part IV. «A World Without Magic»

The Chronicles of Skylore continue! However, the records we’ve found dated back to a period happened more than 100 years after the events of the previous parts, and their authorship belongs to another member of the Bac’s family.

Our hero is Shelley Bac, the grandson of the first History Keeper. In this part you will learn about his decision to continue the work of his grandfather, the situation in Arinar, as well as how his path of the History Keeper was almost over before it’s barely begun.


Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm
Third quarter, 14th dawn

Well, the time has finally come for me to continue the labors of my glorious ancestors! I suppose you would appreciate an update on how things stand, right?

About a hundred years have passed since the Great Cataclysm. The wrath of nature has faded away, and almost all the peoples have established their own settlements, including my neighbors. Since fate landed my great-grandfather on a shadder ship, I came of age in Catoravia. I have spent my whole life absorbing the wisdom of this lovely and remarkably resourceful people, and now I am free to choose my own path.

But before I shoulder the burden of being a Keeper of History, I should probably find some transportation. I heard tell of a fugitive Goblin who settled on the other side of the mainland and always has a few interesting hunks of iron for sale.

All right, no time to lose! Let's go!


Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm
Third quarter, 15th dawn

My mission was successful! The goblin was exceptionally friendly, and my savings were just enough for the battered turbocopter he had for sale. He put the craft through its paces and dispelled my fears, but I still get the feeling that Goblin was hiding something... But what of it!

Just seeing this turbocopter fills me with pride at the level of progress we have been able to achieve. Our ancestors relied almost entirely on magic, which ended up nearly destroying Arinar. The great mages and servants of the gods decided to preserve the heritage of that era. Unlike us, the Keepers of History, they valued the traditions and laws behind creating spells over all. A waste of time, if you ask me! Long story short, magic was replaced by science, and adherents started calling themselves scientists. And even though it was initially difficult for them to come up with replacements for the artifacts and magical trinkets of old, over time, our scientists, engineers, and alchemists have succeeded on countless fronts.

Take my current situation, for example: now instead of resorting to so-called teleportation, I get to test out this modern and almost certainly reliable masterpiece of goblin engineering!

Ah, I love science!


Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm
Third quarter, 17th dawn

I have come to the conclusion that goblin engineering and reliability are irreconcilable concepts. I am writing this as I fly over the wide open ocean, and if I ever make it to the other side, my hair will be completely gray from the stress.

As for my plan of action: my priority is to learn as much as I can about what fate befell the peoples of Arinar during the Great Cataclysm... those who managed to survive, that is. The journey to my first destination will take quite some time, so let me share with you the fate of my great-grandfather's companions.

To be continued ...

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