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[2021.12.20] Update 1.13: Changelog


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Let's take a closer look at what's new in version 1.13, including new locations, mechanics, important changes to existing game elements, as well as seasonal themed content dedicated to the New Year celebrations!

Let's start with the most relevant!


Winter Celebrations

World Boss

This year, joining the main winter holidays in skylore is the Scarlet Wanderer himself, whose image was the thematic outfit of the New Year's SkyPass in 2021.


You can find the guest in Factorium and the Holy Grove, but, as in the case of the Nightmare Messenger, you don't have to fight him. On the contrary, he will need your help in completing a small assignment, which will be generously rewarded.

In addition to completing the task, there is a separate reward for the battle with the boss, which you can receive once every 12 hours. Moreover, all participants in the battle receive a reward, similar to the bosses from the Adamant Caves.



Also, thematic changes will be present in the game modes.

Game Modes

It's no secret that players in the arena give preference to the battle format called “Knockout”, since usually matches in it go much faster.


Testers of early versions of Skylore will probably remember that before its introduction, the game already had a similar mode, but without a round system — Deathmatch.

We decided to bring it back into the game during the New Year holidays so that you can take part in fights without the right to make a mistake, and if you win, you can get league rating points and arena chests much faster!


Fans of dungeons were not left without thematic novelties either. When killing monsters in Thorn Hollow and Assembly workshops you have a chance to meet special creatures— Ice Shards. Defeating them will activate pleasant bonuses to the characteristics of the character, which will significantly speed up and easen the process of passing the dungeon.


Of course, it’s worth fighting the world boss and going into modes not only for the sake of these mechanics, but also to receive rewards: for fighting the Scarlet Wanderer’s pet and when opening chests for completing dungeons you will receive a festive currency - Snowflakes, which you can spend in the in-game store.


In-game store

During the New Year holidays you have the opportunity to purchase a special event chest for the accumulated currency — Gift of the Scarlet Wanderer.

Inside, you are guaranteed to find gold, as well as currency for clearing relics from PvPvE locations.

However, the main reason for opening event chests is the random reward where, among other things, you can get an impressive amount of gold, diamonds and two new unique skins for your character:

  • Iron Ghost Armor — (ссылка)
  • White Wolf Mask — (ссылка)

If you are not ready to spend time earning Snowflakes, then you can also purchase a treasury of diamonds: one at a time or in bulk — 10 units at once, with a discount.

These investments can more than pay for themselves, because there is always a chance to hit the jackpot and get not only the desired look, but also return the cost in diamonds, to use them to pay for other premium goods and services.

We are also in a hurry to please those who are not used to relying on luck: we have developed a mechanic thanks to which, when you open 200 Scarlet Wanderer Gifts, you are guaranteed to receive one of the costumes - you will definitely be able to do that if you actively play during the game event.

Don't worry about the situation if you get two identical costumes - the cost of selling it to a merchant will pleasantly surprise you ;)


And of course, what is a holiday without the famed themed consumables?!


The legendary ones will be available to you:

  • Portable Christmas Tree
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Box of Gifts
  • Mister Frost
  • Snowball
  • Snow Double


Some of them you could already get from the first part of the December SkyPass, and the rest you will find in rewards for participating in other content of the themed event.


Activity Season

We have not forgotten about the second December season of activities - the Wisdom of the North.


We invite you to go on small tasks to pick up valuable resources, bonuses for character development and event consumables. Skypass owners will be able to get not only more resources, but also the Icehorn Robe, another winter look we talked about last week.

(Скрин костюма) 

If you’ve missed the news, you can get acquainted with the history of the costume on our forum by following the link - ...

The season will last until 01/01/23, and we have taken this into account in the number of points needed to receive all the rewards for the stages. In addition, we have moved bonuses to knowledge, gold, as well as accelerator of opening chests and learning talents to the beginning of the progress so you can get them as early as possible.

(скрин сезона)

Other event content will be available until January 10, and we hope that during this time you will have loads of fun and get all the rewards you want!

Now let's start discussing new additions that are not related to the winter event:


New locations


If earlier the movement from the capital of the Ophirs to Tenebris was carried out with the help of small shuttles, now the Order of the Knowers has a whole spaceship called the Illuminator to travel around the locations of Skylore!


It is not only a means of transportation, but also a full-fledged stronghold for your adventures. On board you will find all the necessary infrastructure — merchants, a waypoint, and even a two-way portal to the Adamant Caverns, which will allow you not to make huge detours when completing tasks in different Dynamic Areas.

You can get onto the deck of the ship from the Ophirion Landing Pad, and already on it there are shuttles familiar to you, with the help of which the transition is made: back to the capital, to Tenebris, and into its depths - to the Path of the Faceless.


Path of the Faceless

The Path of the Faceless is a new PvPvE location system designed for characters of skill level 20 and above. The principle of its operation is similar to the structure of the Adamant Caves: for killing monsters, you get not gold and knowledge, but treasuries affected by corruption.


To clear the chests of the Path of the Faceless, you will need a new currency - Shadow Shards, which can be obtained by hunting monsters and completing daily tasks in a new location. But, of course, the differences and innovations do not end there!


So, for example, at the location you will find familiar altars with alphas — elite opponents with valuable rewards for defeating them. To summon them, you need to fight ordinary monsters wandering around. The appearance of an elite enemy is accompanied by the corresponding icon on the location map and compass.


After killing the alpha, the altar goes into a discharged state, in which no new opponents appear next to it (even after the passage of time). You can find out about the state of the altars at the location by the markers on the map.


After all the altars are activated, and alphas are defeated, an even more powerful and strong enemy appears on the location, which, in addition to the marker on the map and compass will also be accompanied by an in-game notification. For defeating this creature, you will receive the most valuable rewards, and after killing it, the cooldown of the altars will start, after which you will once again be able to battle with ordinary monsters and alphas.


Only 8 largest contributing heroes from the list of participants in the battle can get a reward for killing the Beast, however, the number of such rewards per day is limited only by vigor points. Definitely, this farming opportunity will attract a lot of heroes, so call your comrades in arms and get ready for fierce PvP battles.

Another novelty will be the dynamic environment of the location, which you can use for a tactical advantage over the enemy. By using a special item you will have the opportunity to block the passages between the location zones and drive the opponents into traps.


Travel to the depths of Tenebris, fight new enemies and try to safely carry out the treasures you find without getting ambushed by competitors.

In connection with the addition of the Path of the Faceless, we have returned the skill level limit for activating the aggressive mode in the Adamant Grotto in order to transfer the fire of the high-level battles to a new location and protect the developing heroes.

P.S. For now, only the first tier will be available to you, but work on the continuation of the new network of PvPvE locations is in full swing, so don't hesitate: you won't have to wait long! ;)


Hunter class rework

During the release of updates, characters of different classes periodically received changes to abilities and their characteristics, and only the Hunter usually remained unchanged. That was until we reworked the stats of summoned minions, which had an incredible impact on the effectiveness of the class.

We have prepared a number of changes that will not only help the class become more balanced, but also allow players to get a new gaming experience:


First, we have changed the principle of interaction with spirits. Now you will not only pelt your opponents with arrows, but also be able to effectively control your pet. When a character casts abilities, the summoned spirit will also use its unique skills, depending on the type of spell:

  • Directional Ability: the spirit changes the target of the attack to the target of the ability and uses its skill on it.
  • Character ability with area of effect: the spirit will apply its skill around it.
  • Buff ability: the spirit will apply the ability on itself and on the owner.

The abilities used by the spirits will be as follows:

  • Wolf — abilities designed for damage, and for its increase in themselves and the owner.
  • Spider — abilities that impede the movement of opponents, and buffs related to evasion.
  • Boar — abilities of control and protection.

You can find out which ability a particular spirit will use in the description of each of the active skills.


We've also adjusted the Chaos Shard buffs to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Summon Spirit skill to include effects that buff the abilities of all summoned creatures, so you can effectively use the full arsenal of your menagerie depending on the situation.

Among other bonuses, you will find a new attribute - "Avoidance", which reduces the damage that summoned creatures take from the AoE abilities of monsters and bosses. Not only the spirits of animals will have this enhancement, but also some minions, for example, Nibblers. However, the Hunter can increase the stat effect on class creatures with the appropriate Chaos Shard buff in Spirit Call.


In addition to this, the “Health” characteristic of the Wolf and Spider spirits has been significantly increased, which will also help increase the survivability of the Hunter's minions.

Spirit Rage ability has been reworked: now its use increases the damage dealt and health of the spirit, and also applies the “Haste” effect, extends the duration and makes it attack the selected target. When used with no active spirit, the recharge time of the "Summon Spirit" ability is reduced by 20 seconds. Nearly all ability buffs for Chaos Shards have also been changed.

Cast time of the Acid Rain ability reduced to 0.5 sec.

Definitely, the changes made will require additional balancing, so we will wait for your feedback and analyze the statistical data.

Titan League

We have finished work on the leveling system for the League of Titans. Now, when characters with different skills enter the match, the level and characteristics of all heroes will be aligned to the highest among the participants in the battle.

In addition, we have made adjustments to the matchmaking system, which will allow you to select the most balanced opponents from all players participating in the search for a match.

Don't forget to check the work of the mechanic and earn rewards in the league, especially if the event battle format drops out in the mode! 

World Chat

As you know, we are trying to develop the concept of a single server where players from all over the world can play, compete and chat together.

However, such a system detrimentally affects the concept of world chat, which could turn into a jumble of words and sentences mixed in different languages if we did not divide it into local channels.


Now you have the opportunity to switch between them and communicate with people from other countries without restrictions, if knowledge of foreign languages allows you.


More Appearance Options

In the last update, we’ve expanded the variety of appearance presets for Humans and Noxes, and now we are ready to present you with additional appearance options for other races.


Currently, you can only try out new skins when you create a character, but this will change in the future, as we are already working on tools for changing the appearance of existing heroes.

Dynamic Areas

With the expansion of the number of characters on the location channels, as well as the release of the project, completing tasks in the Dynamic Areas of the Somber Swamp and the Scorched Highlands has become an incredibly difficult task. Especially in the first minutes after the issuance of new tasks.


We have changed the principle of completing tasks, making all possible actions a long-term interactivity, which can be performed by several characters at the same time.

We have also changed the number of certain actions and items required to fully complete certain tasks.

We hope that with these changes, the queues in locations will become noticeably smaller.

Other changes


And as usual, since the last update, we have been working on other changes and novelties in parallel. Here is a list of those that we have already completed:

  • The Alchemist's Unstable Mixture ability no longer triggers on bottles caused by the Potion Making ability.
  • Added the function of mass opening chests from the inventory — 5 at a time.
  • Fixed a number of autopath errors in the Adamantine Caves locations
  • Fixed a bug due to which the image of the inventory expansion icon was sometimes missing.
  • Added new attack and ability animations for the boss Baladrog Fireborn.
  • Fixed a bug due to which some effects of speeding up and slowing down attacks worked incorrectly or did not work at all.
  • Changed the quality of the item for summoning the Berserker Nibbler minion from Rare to Uncommon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a false warning about inventory overload.

That's all we wanted to tell you today, and as usual, not all that we have been working on and continue to work on at the moment.

Do not forget to share your opinion about the changes, and also follow the news so as not to miss information about the next ones.

See you in the game!

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The leveling system needs to be reworked. I'm currently level 15 and it taking almost 2 months just to level up. Monsters should drop experience, knowledge, gold, chests. Great game developers really need to look into the leveling system. Reason people quite playing is because leveling max level is such a hassle. Would be great of we can get cosmetics from boss drops and from the shop.

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В 21.12.2022 в 00:59, Hro_0 сказал:

And what happens with hunters who do not want to be dependent pets?And what happens with hunters who do not want to be dependent pets?

You can choose not to use your pets, but you will lose power. The Hunter class is specialized not only in archery, summons is an important part.

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