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I'm a new player and even though I have already had a grasp of the basics, I'm still not sure about a few things.. such as, what armor is best for a shadow? And should I pay attention to the stats (resistance/power ability) more instead of equipping whatever item has the arrow icon (the one that indicates that the item is better)? 

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Hey man, thiugh I can't help with skill and talent build I can gives you recommendations for starting gear.

First start by getting GLADIATOR GEAR.  This set focuses on the  Resilience stat. The stat reduces all incoming damage from every source also including players and monster damage by a %. ABILTY POWER is an important stat to all classes as it increases the amount of damage your Skills do. Of course ATTACK is major as it not only increases your melee attack damage but also the amount of damage your Bleed causes to the Target.

LIGHT ARMOR AND FRANTIC/BALANCE ACCESSORIES give the bulk of your damage. Accessories give Ability Power and Resistance while Armor gives Attack and Armor. If you focus on PvP aim for Balance Accessories for a little more Resistance but if you love PvE than Pure Frantic to helps within farming. Also remember that the AMULET accessory and CHEST Armor give more Stats than the other pieces. So focus on leveling these first for a huge boost in power.

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