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Heartthrob Costume


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What could be more beautiful than love? What else can give hope and inspire strength in the peoples exhausted by the struggle? Surprisingly, at one moment many Arinarians came to the same idea. First, a few, and then entire hundreds of followers opened their hearts to such a simple, but undoubtedly good truth.

Every heartthrob at one moment felt that they must direct their every breath, every effort to increase the love in the whole world. And it doesn’t matter how they’d do it: releasing novels tugging on readers’ heartstrings or organizing the coolest love rock band.

However, the power of goodness and love is fated to fight evil, dressed in faceless masks and beaked helmets. An evil whose agents, blinded by their own ignorance, will go to any lengths to destroy everyone's happiness. So the big question is, which side are you on?

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