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Dungeon bugs


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Hi there 

There i found another bug.. I'm lvl 11 but when i enter a dg my lvl goes down to 7 and now i can't even enter dg  when i got the party and we send into dg game says failed loading location and i can't log for 10 -20mins my hero please fix it


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i have the same problem today! Character name Deminga, lvl 6 Guardian. Invited to dungeon by party finder, then kicked back to loading screen. When i can finally enter the game again, my character is temporarily banned from arenas or dungeons.  My other character, a lvl 9 Shadow, has no problems entering dungeons or arenas.  This is extremely annoying, since i only made the guardian character because when playing Shadow, i noticed that we are always missing a defender everytime i do dungeons, we're waiting several minutes for a defender to finally join.  Now i make a defender, and it cannot load the dungeons. I look this problem up, and see that almost every other instance of the problem, no solution was given, and the thread was closed by moderators.  Don't close this thread! Otherwise, how can others add their problems to the list? Clearly the problem is not solved, and i also found that this problem has existed since BETA way back in 2020/21! That's SEVERAL YEARS.

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