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any alcamist build for pvp and pve variations?


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Welcome to Skylore. Alchemist is a very highly sought after player class for any Guild. Though i don't know talents as of yet i can assist with the most popular Armor and Accessory Selection. The Gladiator Armor set, this will be unlocked when you hit level 10 and if you have not noticed as of yet, every gear Set will give your character a specific Stat unique to that Set once you upgrade the equipment to Uncommon rarity. Gladiator Equipment will give you the RESILIENCE stat which will reduce incoming damage from all sources (physical, magical, bleed, poison, etc). This is great for survivability since your role in PvE is to heal the main tank and AoE HoT your teammates. At the Same time in PvP, your a support that focuses on Heals and casting AoE Fears to give your team an advantage (plus it would be great if you don't get One-Shot by Shadows lol). So Heavy Armor is the most common selection for the Highest Survivability, so Heavy Gladiator Armor is the most common choice. Now for Accessories you will focus on Frantic gear, not only does Frantic give you the most Ability Power, but Ability Power gives all forms of Heals (Burst and HoTs) a huge value boost. Best part is if you have Gladiator Frantic Accessories, you will still gain the Resilience stat to further help reduce damage to receive (so its a win win). 

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