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Balance Guardian


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my experience with guardian. for PVE is ok, serve the purpose as tanker and mob holder. But in PVP between good or useless, depend on enemy know what your job doing or not. We expect later everyone becoming pro, so the answer is for PVP guardian kinda bad. because in other game usually tanker in PVP serve either as a disrupter or a protector, since our damage is little.

1st. Heroic Burst AOE too small, increase to 3. that against an experience players kinda hard to land a hit especially if you have latency.
i hope you can increase the AOE. this is the most useful skill of Guardian in PVP, but become useless if cant hit right.

2nd. Colossus Strike range effect, either increase its range to 6m OR remove the 1s cast time.

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Some classes might scale better towards higher levels. From what I have heard, guardian is apparently amazing when hes higher level. Hes job in PvP is not really to do damage. Its initiating fight, trying to take aggro and stun enemies. So basicially protecting the party. You can always try to find premade party to do arena with, it will definitely make things smoother.

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Yes, the Guardian Class is ment to be a very PvE oriented class. Even in late game PvP is almost impossible as our main damaging skills a single location DoT. So unless you are challenging a team of pure bots, no player will just stand in your DoTs. Ranger will blink away, Shadows will just dive your backline, and Mages will just Teleport. Heck Alchemists will just out Heal your damage since they all wear Heavy Armor, our damage is already subpar and now even lower. Plus they usually have Frantic Accessories to have HUGE heals and HoTs. But on the plus side, Epics and Raid Bosses will just stand there so its a great way to keep up aggro.

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