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trash balance

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8 chests per day (assuming only white chests from dungeons at ten minutes each) = 80 minutes

2 daily quests twice per day ten minutes each (accounting for travel time without teleportation) = 40 minutes

2 daily quests in pvp zone twice per day ten minutes each (accounting for travel time without teleportation) = 40 minutes

2 to 4 guild tasks, depending on the guild level. With three as the mean and one "bad" task that you can't complete on average, ten minutes for the remaining two = 20 minutes

daily activities and world bosses not included because they often fall into the guild task category = 0 minutes.

occasionally you will have gorgor contracts but you usually keep them because you have related guild tasks.

80+40+40+20+0 = 180 minutes. So three hours of daily stuff, not accounting for actual quests and guild raids/wars.

And for weekend you add battle royal. 130 points to get, 5 minutes per battle on average, second place on average, 26 battles required to get full reward unless lose three times/have premium access. 26*5=130. so more than two hours, but these are split between two days of the weekend. So it is more like 1 additional hour on Saturday and another one on Sunday.

There are A LOT of things to do in the game to not be bored. And if you are bored from them...well, the events don't make it better, actually.

Halloween - themed gorgor contracts.

New Year - snowflakes from dungeon chests so you are playing dungeons anyway. Amber/Ember as a world boss twice per day, it's just another world boss.

temporary new arena, but you are farming dungeons for snowflakes.

love lunacy - even more farming of arenas/dungeons to recover vigor to have vigor to kill love elementals. And Shauron is just another world boss twice per day. A few daily quests of the "run and collect" type without any fighting involved. a FEW unique plot-quests, but that's one day, and after they are done you have daily stuff. Themed gorgor contract that follow the same idea of the kill contract boss as the ones on Halloween.

recent event - guess what? Dungeons again. and then another layer of completing 30 more dungeons! and another layer to get the most dungeons. And the winner made like 253? That is not healthy.

if anything - the game becomes MORE tedious during events because BIG rewards are at stake. Completing all the stuff can give you around ONE MILLION gold even before you reach lvl 20. It is during EVENTS that game turns into homework to not be left behind while everyone else gets ridiculous amounts of in-game gold and premium currency. The reward NOT RECEIVED is perceived as a LOSS. Humans' psychology is nasty.

The events are built on the same game mechanics as usual stuff. If a little change of decorations is all it takes to reignite your interest - lucky you. But that is just a mindtrick. You are doing the same chores.

And since it is a good idea to offer solution instead of mere criticism...players need a reason to visit other parts of the factorium/holy grove. The game would become LESS monotonous if instead of "kill 30 average enemies" there was smth like "kill 30 sparkeaters". You can also make a tavern into something more than just a location with fancy soundtrack. It could be an area with an access to a minigame. And drinking too much at the tavern could apply various debuffs to the character. So you can have a whole batch of new achievements. Stuff like "win three arenas while drunk". And the drunk effect could have different visual effects, inverted controls, mismatch of skill when you click on one skill but another one is activated instead, obligatory friendly fire when you can ACCIDENTALLY hit your own party members. The possibilities are numerous.

Finally you can add new stuff to dungeons. In addition to boss rooms and mob rooms you can have trap rooms where players have to avoid telegraphed environmental hazards like that one quest with a gargoyle.

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