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Killer jokes set


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Once upon a time, the image of a jester in Arinar culture was associated with fun jokes and hilarious puns. Not a single fair or festival was complete without a witty clown, famously dancing in front of the crowd. However, at one point, something changed.

It is difficult to say what event turned the mischievous jester into a symbol of madness and spiritual split. Although historians from the order of the Knowers refer to ancient chronicles, which mention the fight between two incredibly evil entities, one of which was a jester.

And for many years, the colorful outfit and the hat with pom-poms have become the best way to attract the attention of the Inquisition. However, this equally applies to all kinds of conjurers and illusionists, because in the view of the paladins - there's a slippery slope from mind games to mind control.

Jester Outfit

Frame793.png.6c76cb9f797e89c9993d8a3b9fafc561.png Frame794.png.a62328128cd20fb51aace4285e7e3a42.png

How to obtain:
- Skypass final reward in April 2023
- Future promotions in the in-game store

Dark Magician's Robe

Frame795.png.8549d89d55a0e4a821c34ae5c1a0953b.png Frame796.png.01af5dce192c7dec59ad020b995ef4b5.png

How to obtain:
- One of the rewards of the game event in April 2023

Dark Magician's Arsenal

Frame795.png.38af01f8ce7e6fbee2a3e856a9e12a77.png Frame795-1.png.d1af367ca365ffa51f51a8d76453c81d.png

Frame796.png.4d3030366d70bfbdee43a20526b0ad16.png Frame797.png.5a9f033c490a21a6b58ecada367d19ab.png 


How to obtain:
- One of the rewards of the game event in April 2023

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