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Hey there.

There is a alchemists named Hassn 

He dead 5 time or more in a row vs me in upper level cave and then he log another id  to call me scammer in worldchat  then he pm me now all players thinks ur a scammer LMAO .

First of all I'm known player in ws

And i would never scam any player but im helping alot of players so.

 I just wanted to warn players about him who stole a name from war spear to fool people xd  

Thanks alot!






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2 hours ago, Ollie said:

People are different, remember that you always have an ignore list to protect yourself from unwanted conversations

I don't like ignoring players. But just ignoring those bots   who spam same texts  24h lol ... its normal to get angry when u have killed like 5 6 times in a 2 3 mins but calling other players scammer that's  so childish just because the  player have killed u. Everyday i get killed many times by players while I'm  ultra stunned from mobs and I'm still chill and only reporting on froum but about the  "mobs stun"

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