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Ruler of the Crimson Arena Cuirass


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Each shadow is obsessed with the idea of creating the Ideal Mask, but the understanding of the very essence of this mask differs strikingly from people to people Some consider it an instrument of absolute knowledge. Some sincerely believe that this is the embodiment of universality and a reflection of all the masks of Tenebris.

But there are those whose ideas about the Ideal Mask are much more prosaic. They are known as destroyers and value only two things: honor and wild, unbridled power. The monstrous strength and fury of these shadows is unparalleled. Each defeated enemy, each piece of a worthy mask brings them closer to their cherished goal. And on this path there is no place for the weak.

The Crimson Arena has become the epitome of everything that destroyers value. An ideal place for a deadly battle, where nothing can interfere with the fighters. Only the best of the best are worthy to bear the title of master of the arena, and woe to those who challenge them.

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