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Please let people over 30 get Gorgor on the field as well.

trash balance

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В 26.04.2023 в 13:14, koreansniper сказал:

The box does not drop due to the difference between the map and the level.

How do people over 30 get Gorgor on the field?

Please give me an answer.

A level 30 contract will not be knocked out from monsters, because there are no such monsters in the game yet. But you can get it for participating in game activities and also pick it up from the in-game store (in such places it will always be equal your current mastery level).

You can also get lower level contracts by hunting monsters in locations. The fact is that locations have an "effective level" that lowers your current level to the level of the location, making it possible to receive a reward from monsters in this location. The contract obtained in this way will be equal to the level of the monster from which it drop.

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