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Not for the first time has a group of heroes announced that the Prince of Flowers had fallen under their blades. However, months passed, and Thorn Hollow remained an extremely sinister place, and gradually the inhabitants got used to this fact.

Hope for change came with myriads of beautiful butterflies that flooded the fields and forests of the Holy Grove. Beautiful creatures have chosen as their home the former abode of the Prince of Flowers, and many considered this a good sign, setting off to explore the depths of the hollow. Unfortunately, none of those who left returned.

Since then, rumors have spread about a new resident who settled in the ill-fated place. They say that a flower meadow with flocks of butterflies, alluring with its beauty, has become their home. One has only to close one's eyes and lie down on the flower bed to stay there forever.

Frame809.png.99e839748a683dedd81effd688f497b7.png Frame810.png.81905db164511581db93bd14dd144574.png

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