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(this is the copy of my suggestion from general section, I suppose general section can be used to discuss this idea in general and its impact on the game, while here technical details can be discussed instead)

I just had a light-bulb moment. Do you know that friend list that has 30 slots? It is usually not enough because for arenas, dungeons and events you often need party and some of your friends can be offline. And the amount of incoming candidates for friends is also limited so using that "waiting room" as an extension of this list is only a temporary solution. So, the idea that I had is to make a friend list for GUILDS!

Just think about it. You only need one entry to have access to the whole group of players. Just click on the guild, and then you can select any member of that guild to communicate. Expanding the friend list by 30 more entries will give you thirty more people. Adding the guild friend list will give you access to 30 guilds where each guild can have 10-20 candidates.

If you can have opposing guilds, you should also have allied guilds. And if a person from the guild doesn't want to receive messages from you, they can just add you to the blacklist.

This will connect more players so it will be easier even for "lone wolves" to find company when they need it.

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