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rumors of trade feature


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so today players began to talk about trade feature that will be added in an update. The problem is that trade will ruin a lot of things in the game.

trade of equipment will allow players to simply buy the level ups. Doesn't even have to be real trade. Just borrow your armour to a player so he can get mastery from it and then take it back. the mastery cap will not decrease and the player will have lvl 20+ unlock with the prospect to get better chests, new locations, etc

trade of heaps of trophy equipment - same problem. Players will buy out upgrades to lvl up faster. Same for orbs of defense because those are used for upgrades.

trade of alchemy stones - even worse. Players will be able to easily min max their build and do ridiculous things with aligned secondary attributes on blue/purple equipment. And it will deprive YOU of the profit from selling alchemy stones for diamonds. Same for Archeon crowns because they can be traded for alchemy stones.

trade of potions - useless. They can buy it from gorgors

the only meaningful trade would be trade of costumes, so that players who have two of a kind can trade one copy for another costume/weapon skin that they don't have.

The only kind of trade that COULD be good, is if free players could buy inventory/warehouse expansions from other premium players, because right now those can be obtained only for diamonds and an alternative for in game gold would be great.

Perhaps the option of selling gorgor contracts is not that bad. It will be a small improvement for those who try to obtain tempered equipment.

other kinds of trade are bad for your current game model. Anything that allows to level up faster takes away the necessity of using skypass for exp bonuses. In fact it takes away the necessity to play the game. Just borrow a few pieces of equipment from your friend/guild mate and now you are 20+ with all necessary end-game content unlocked. At this point you may as well make a big fat button "skip to lvl 20" on the main interface of the game.

I sincerely hope that you will NOT include any trade that will ruin the game balance. Because one little mistake is enough to make the whole gaming experience useless.

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