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Regarding Upgrade Buff or Nerf classes, you shouldn't let players control you. From my experience in other PC or mobile games, they don't let players force what they have to do, because they know more than the players. They still open with reports or wishes but not about class nerfs or buffs, but about gameplay such as bugs or wishes about game features.
Because when you nerf or buff some classes, users of other classes will come to protest, regardless of class. Everyone certainly wants his class to be the best from other classes.

So my suggestion is to make the final update about classes (nerf or buff whatever the class is, as a developer you know the game more better than the players) and make a new rule not to accept requests from players to buff or nerf any class. Just accept bug reports or wishes about new features.

Keep it up 🔥

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Do not worry, messages of this kind from players can only be a signal for check, the decision to change the class / abilities is made carefully, with a thorough study of static data.

Class balance is a process that needs to be dealt with constantly, since it is affected by the release of any new content - modes, activities, equipment, etc. Therefore, the following changes will definitely not be the last.

Thanks for the feedback!

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