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Se can't take the limitations of players on channels anymore

the killer

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😩 Despite all the problems we have today in Skylore, problems that you developers already know very well, we only have PVP between our rival guilds on the maps as a form of entertainment. However, even in this we are faced with another major obstacle, the limitation of players on the maps. This is extremely frustrating for us. The experience of a mass PVP is constantly compromised for this reason, as players end up dying and not being able to get back to the same channel, which ends up leaving us with the only decent entertainment we have left in the compromised end game.

 😟 I come through this complaint on behalf of all the players who have also been frustrated for so long with this same cause, to ask for measures in this regard. We suggest the option of showing the limited amount of players on the map (Ex: 0/30) and the option of being able to change the channel according to our preference (Ex: Channel 1 - 0/30, Channel 2 - 0/30), with the rules and restrictions applicable to its use, of course. We believe it's something simple and quick to include in future game updates. 

🕵️ Please don't ignore and listen to your players, who play daily and believe in Skylore's future. This is an old issue and the solution would significantly improve our PVP experience. 

🧐  We expect positive feedback on this soon

⚠️ Example image for illustrative purposes only.


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this is not just a pvp problem. This is a general problem. We need channel switch to farm world bosses and ESPECIALLY event-based world-bosses like Shawron or Ember. Waiting 15+ minutes on the map before the boss respawns because you are afraid that arriving to the map five minutes later will push you to the other channel where you will have to wait 28 minutes instead of 15 IS NOT FUN. It is not fun to stare at a screen for 15 minutes without doing arena|dungeon meanwhile, tapping on the screen to not be pushed out of the game for prolonged afk every few minutes. channel switch is essential game mechanic. Also, it would be really great is event-based world bosses had a respawn cooldown at 23h 55m or 11h 55m instead of 24h and 12h respectively to account for the time it takes to kill it.

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