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For many years, the stars have led the people of Arinar through the lands and seas, remaining faithful guides in the night sky. And so, it is not surprising that it was them that revealed the consequences of the ritual of the Hourglass of the World Creation.

New, hitherto unseen constellations now looked at the inhabitants of Arinar; their appearance frightened and delighted at the same time. The stargazers guessed that the world had changed, but what did that mean? Had Arinar become something new, or is it now a guest in another part of the universe?

Who knows? Whatever the answer, every night stargazers around the world continue to search for it, contemplating the night sky through the prism of telescope lenses.

Frame815.png.b53ad7353dc20bd80b2a1f3a148c2091.png Frame816.png.b99a205f9083b87a41bed9a30d7deafd.png

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