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Chronicle: Part V. «Muars»


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1902733266_ava_grandson_628670(2).png.b8d2eb6e9ed70efaa0e3cd6bc2aa712c.pngChronicle: Part V. «Muars»

A new part of the Chronicles of Skylore opens a series of stories about the fate of the peoples of Arinar during the Great Cataclysm.

So, Shelley Bac went on an expedition to find out more details from those who managed to survive at that difficult time. And at first his manuscripts will tell us the story of the Muars. We will get acquainted with the foundations and structure of their society, as well as how exactly they managed to adapt to the changes in the world around them.


Back when the war for the Spear still raged, the shadders lived in the northwest of Ayvondil, hunting and fishing to survive. They had very little contact with the other peoples of the mainland, and were led by wise matriarchs who served as both chieftains and high priestesses for the tribe.

The shadders had always lived in harmony with nature, and were therefore the first to sense the impending threat. They took the signs of the coming Cataclysm seriously—the Matriarch decided that the tribe would leave their homes and flee to Maliat with the other refugees. Ultimately, the Council decided to send the shadders to a remote land that appeared near the Norlant swamp. And, as we already know, a particular Keeper of History found himself among them.


The shadders bore every adversity with fortitude, and it seemed as though nothing could break their spirit. Fortunately, they had never relied on magic as much as the other peoples, and swamp fumes and an oneiromancy helped their shamans stay connected to the other world. Visions and dreams granted them knowledge of the future and the past, and they used this knowledge to grow and thrive. Over time, their leadership shifted from matriarch to a more traditional shaman chieftain, and they founded the capital city of Catoravia, where I was born.

Such is the history of the unusual shadder people, known today as muars. And now I am on my way to New Oltgard, where I intend to learn the fate of my own people.

To be continued ...

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