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diamonds withdrawn for free action


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This is a bug+suggestion post so I will also copy it to suggestion branch of the forum. I will also copy it in a letter to support.


Today I lost 30 diamonds when I used the "replace activity" button. I pressed the button around 4:30 UTC, right after the button turned green. I am not colourblind and I am certain that the button was green. What I think happened is that the server didn't register that action as the action that occurred 24h 00m 01 second after the previous free activity replacement but instead something like 23h 59m 59s. Obviously there is no reason for me to press the button to replace activity for premium currency when there is like 1 second left before the action becomes free. 30 diamonds is NOT the price to pay for saving 1 second of time.

I don't know if you will restore me those diamonds or not, although it would be kind of you if you did. And I am a free-to-play player so those diamonds weren't purchased for real currency anyway. You did not earn anything from me on that bug.


The suggestion part

Rather than solving dozens of disputes from players in similar circumstances every month, it would be much better to solve the problem at its core. The way the game is now it is inevitable that some players will accidentally double tap on chest to get it insta-unlock or accidentally press on the screen right before the "revive at current spot" button appears or, as it happened to me today - press the replace activity button the second after its 24h cool-down is over with a server delay.

1)- you can put an option to protect your in-game diamond wallet with a password

2)- you can put an option of the "are you sure?" pop-up window for any premium currency spending action

3)- you can put a simple checkbox to block the spending of diamonds unless the checkbox is "ticked" in the options.

the first option is the most secure as it protects your wallet from people who got access to your device and entered the game, but there can be problems with people forgetting their password that they used to protect the wallet.

the second option can become annoying for players who are more willing to spend money and don't want to see those annoying pop-ups

the third option is the option I suggest to implement. For all players who want to spend currency - nothing will change. They will just leave the option "ticked". But for all free-to-play players who have a very limited amount of diamonds from various events, this option is a HUGE quality-of-life improvement of the game. With that checkbox unticked all blue buttons will be greyed-out. So even if you press the button to replace activity or revive at spot or insta-unlock the chest, it will simply not work.

Implementing this checkbox is extremely simple. It doesn't take much coding skill. It is a simple if then else statement.

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