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Chronicle: Part VI. «Humans»


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1807532412_ava_grandson_628670.png.a0840898f44be0925f5a9f414c06a689.pngChronicle: Part VI. «Humans»

We continue to talk about the fate of the peoples of Arinar during the Great Cataclysm.

The next stop on the journey of Shelley Bac, the History Keeper, was the capital of his people — the majestic walled city of Altgard. We`ll learn why the main stronghold of the Humans is considered impregnable, what they rely on in their affairs and what is their true strength.


The 111th year after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter – 21st dawn

Barely had the city's outline appeared on the horizon when several winged creatures came racing towards me. Thankfully, all my time spent studying was not in vain, and I quickly realized that these were owl griffons, the well-known mounts of the Altgardians. The riders on their backs confirmed my suspicions, and they gracefully accompanied me to the skyport.

The 111th year after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter – 22nd dawn

And what did I see when I arrived at this new cradle of humankind? Altgard is truly a mighty fortress: the whole city is surrounded by impregnable walls, with watchtowers erected here and there, armed with terrifying weaponry that is ready to fill any potential assailants full of lead at a moment's notice. Within the city walls, the place is bustling with life. Every inhabitant is going somewhere in a hurry. Yet that's hardly surprising, because our era is short-lived, but our ambitions are limitless.

The 111th year after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter – 25th dawn

But neither the majestic fortresses, nor the clamor of city life made as much of an impression on me as Altgard's academic institutions. They were everywhere! The sheer number of universities and military academies made me understand just where my nation's strength lay. By gathering and systematizing the knowledge in our possession, we thrive where others simply rely on their own innate qualities and longevity. For every elven druid, there are dozens of magic academy graduates, and any disorderly barbarian onslaught will simply shatter to pieces against a shield wall of well-trained soldiers.


The 111th year after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter – 43rd dawn

Having asked among the inhabitants and spent several days in the city's central library, I accumulated enough information to fully trace the history of those who set out from Maliat. Mostly, nothing out of the ordinary happened to me during my visit to Altgard, except... When I was heading back to my turbocopter, I attracted the attention of a strange old man, who kept telling me about a magical mountain. The crazy preacher was extremely annoying, however a nearby patrol quietened him down, and soon I was sat in my seat in the turbocopter. With this, my trip to Altgard came to an end, and it was time to head to my next stop.

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