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Upcoming changes Autumn-Winter 2023


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Changes and additions listed here are almost ready or just small but important ones that we plan to add to the game in the next few months.

* We have excluded the changes of version 1.21 from this list, since we will talk about it in detail very soon.

Please remember that we are always working on a lot of new features that may change significantly during development or testing, so not all changes can be announced in advance, and the absence of some features here does not mean that we are not working on it at all - just that it's too early to talk about it yet.

Now to the specific areas of our work:



We know that you really miss themed events and are already working to please all fans of in-game celebrations. Halloween celebrations at Skylore are traditionally scheduled for mid-autumn. As part of the event, you will find the usual set: a quest line and daily tasks, a World Boss, themed consumables and rewards, as well as new mechanics that in the future may become a permanent part of the game.

Halloween will be celebrated in such a large-scale format for the first time, and part of its content will be used in future game events dedicated to this celebration, alongside, of course, introduction of new features. With each new year, seasonal content will become bigger, and you will always be able not only to try new stuff, but also to remember the warmth and emotions from things, tasks and creatures that are already familiar to you.

We will tell you in detail about the content of this event in 2023 separately.

Tempered Gear


If you don't know what we're talking about, hardened items are pieces of equipment with increased characteristics. You can identify such an item by its icon, and we talked more about the mechanics in update 1.4 - 

We decided to change this mechanic. First of all, it will only be used by high-level characters - the “tempered” status will only apply to Destroyer, Collector and Seer equipment tiers.

In addition, tempering will no longer be determined when obtaining an item, but will become a new option for developing your weapons, armor, and accessories. In other words, you will have the opportunity to temper a selected item.

For tempering, a new, extremely rare and valuable resource will be used, which can be obtained for participating in various game activities.

Also, after introducing these changes, you will have the opportunity to obtain this resource through the tempered items you have, but this promotion will be limited in time. If you decide to keep previously tempered items, we will not take them away.

We will make sure to tell you about the new tempered gear system in detail later.

Path of the Faceless


As we promised, this location will appear in update 1.22. We are currently making the final changes and actively testing its mechanics.

Unlike 4.1. and 4.2., the most powerful enemy in the location will be a full-fledged World Boss. He will also interact with the mechanics of charging pillars, but in a different way - to summon him, it will not be necessary to fight the leaders.

There is very little time left before the location is released, and we will reveal the details in the post with the update changelog.

Guild Raids


After adding rewards to GvG and running several seasons, we will be ready to introduce you to updated guild competitions in PvE. Rated raids will exist separately from the current ones, and to win it will not be enough for you to fight the boss once and set a record time; the system will require your active participation.

In addition, this mechanic will be continued in the upcoming new product - Medals. Thus, with the help of special insignia it will be possible to identify not only the most skilled GvG fighters, but also skilled boss hunters.

We also plan to make changes to the system of existing raids, revising their duration, frequency and balance. We'll tell you the details later.



Now there are many pieces of equipment in the game, and in addition to differences in appearance and skill level requirements, they may differ in performance indicators. Definitely, to understand this diversity you need to have a “cheat sheet” at hand, and we are going to implement it inside the game.




As we said earlier, we have plans to move costumes and weapon skins to the Wardrobe. This will allow you to unload your inventory and configure all customization elements in one place. However, after this transfer there will be two free slots left in the equipment, and we already know what to fill them with.

Further development of GvG


We plan to continue to develop the GvG direction in two ways:

1. Changes to current guild wars by adding new rules and areas of interest around and through which wars will be fought.

2. Adding a new mode, in which guilds will participate in a combat on a dedicated map with special mechanics.

These are not interchangeable things, both will be available to you in the future, but for now it is impossible to say for sure in what order they will appear in the game.

New Year's gaming event


Of course, besides Halloween, there is another event that is traditionally accompanied by seasonal in-game activities. This year there will be no exceptions, and we will tell you more about its content separately.

Test server


For now, we are exploring the possibility of having such a server and the rules by which it will be available to players. We will provide new information on this tool separately.


This is all we can tell you at the moment, stay tuned so as not to miss important and interesting information about these and other new products.

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