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[2024.05.22] Art Contest


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As we put the finishing touches on the Guild Tournaments, we invite you to dive into the spirit of competition! Get your creative gears turning and think up some exciting guild clashes or reminisce about the guild battles of the past! Show off your artistic talents and capture your guild's most epic battle against its rivals!




Depict an action-packed encounter between two guilds using your medium of choice. Whether that's digital artwork or a traditional sketch with pencil, paint, or marker – it's up to you.


Just keep in mind a few important rules:

- Each participant is limited to one entry.

- Your artwork must comply with the Skylore Community Rules and should not offend other guilds or players – otherwise, it will be removed, and you will be muted in the community chats.

- We may ask for proof that your artwork is yours, so keep some progress sketches handy.

- Copied or borrowed art will be disqualified from the contest.



To submit your artwork, post it in the #art channel on our official Discord server. Be sure to tag your entry with #contest and include your character's nickname when posting!


This time around, we're also welcoming AI-generated artwork in a special category of its own. If you're using AI to create your artwork, please note:

- Mention the neural network used when submitting your artwork. Entries without this information will not be considered.

- Keep a screenshot of both your text prompt and the resulting image. You won't need to submit it, but we may ask for it if you win.



Here come the prizes!

- We'll select 5 pieces of traditional art, and their creators will each receive 1,000 Free Reputation and 1,500 Diamonds.

- We'll select 3 pieces of AI art, and their creators will each receive 1,000 Free Reputation and 750 Diamonds.



Additionally, the judges may grant special awards for exceptional entries that stand out from the rest.


Entries open on May 22 and will be accepted through until June 7. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on June 11.


Let inspiration be your guide!

Team Skylore

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