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[2024.07.10] Short Video Contest


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Hey warriors!

We're excited to announce a short video contest featuring costumes from our game! Share a video showing off your favorite outfit for a chance to win some great prizes!


How to Participate

Create a short video about your favorite costume or gear set and upload it to YouTube Shorts or our Discord server. Whether you want to show off its stunning look in battle, tell its story, or simply explore the lands of Arinar in style, we want you to let your creativity shine!


Participation Guidelines:

- Each participant is limited to one entry.

- Your work must comply with the Skylore Community Rules and should not offend other guilds or players – otherwise, it will be removed, and you will be muted in the community chats.

- If you post your video on YouTube Shorts, we may request a screenshot of your YouTube page to verify ownership.

- Copied or borrowed videos will be disqualified from the contest.


To submit your artwork, post your video or link to it in the #art channel on our official Discord server. Be sure to tag your entry with #shortscontest and include your character's nickname when posting!


Technical Requirements

1) Make sure your videos run for a minimum of 15 seconds.

2) We're looking for crisp, clear image and sound quality, with video resolutions of at least 1080x1920 for 9:16 aspect ratios.

3) Keep your videos free from distortion and true to their original proportions.

4) Your videos should be shareable and embeddable across different platforms.

5) Any form of plagiarism or recurrence of other creators' videos are strictly prohibited.

6) Make sure your videos are available for viewing worldwide.


Here Come the Prizes!

- We will select 5 winning entries, and each winner will receive 1,500 Diamonds and an Activity Season costume of their choice. The full list of costumes can be found in this special section of our Forum: https://forum.skylore.com/index.php?/forum/114-costumes/

Note: SkyPass bonus costumes are not available as a reward for this contest.


Entries will be accepted from July 10 through July 21, and winners will be announced and awarded on July 24.


Have fun creating!

Team Skylore

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