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Gear Attribute: Important Yet Easy to Overlook


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Like most of you all, I also hate reading too much text so I'll try to write this as simple as possible.

Before choosing which gear to use, it's important to look at which stat an item will have after upgrading it from Common to Uncommon


Notice the red squares

Composure - Deal more damage to Weak, Regular, and Strong monsters.

Might - Deal more damage to Elite, Boss, and Champion monsters.

Resilience - Take less damage from attacks and get less likely critical hits from players.


I made this thread because I wasn't really paying attention to this while I started playing and now I'm stuck with this mess I have. As you can see from the photos, the attributes it gets can be seen there yet I failed to understand what it meant until I read a Russian guide which was translated through Google. Hopefully with this, you have a better understanding to this guide.

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