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If the mechanism subscribed at topic (The subtleties of farming monsters) is correct, then chance of drop for guardian with "tank" build is really low because dmg and healing isn't his priority. Especially in fights with Elite monsters like Alphas or Bosses at Crystal Grove. Maybe I'm wrong but main role of tank is create aggro and make more comfort for damage dealers and healers. Should be great make equivalent drop rate for guardian vs. dmg/healing classes. For example 30% guardian dmg = 100% mage dmg.

I'm playing game just for few days but I think that the reward for killing elite monsters like Alphas is really low for guardians.

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Each of the classes and their possible assemblies have their own strengths, in particular, the "tank" Guardian can withstand damage from several monsters great, but you need someone who will kill these monsters, so with this assembly I recommend trying to farm in a group.

For a group, the contribution to killing a monster is considered the sum of the contributions of all its members, and the rewards received are distributed among the group members at random.

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