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I'm not able to do the missions because you're saying my backpack is full and I didn't end up selling items I didn't want to see if there was room for bugs but I didn't expect to be rewarded for this headache, the rewards go to the mailbox but even the yes i can't get handles since already thank you...




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it still remains the same, please enter the doll and you have seen the problem there is no way to do the misses in the arena it is marked there the bug is even in the print i took it only debugs when the misses time ends then it goes to the mail and i can't get it the prizes so there for you to see, please solve it right away in the character i haven't done several misses because of these i hope you reward me or with the days i lost as misses or with other bonuses since i appreciate itScreenshot_20211226-192511.png.82660c4894d3d150c0aea8388bbd65cf.pngScreenshot_20211226-192529.png.dbac8536ed4a00bc8cc8473ed264b299.pngScreenshot_20211226-180155.png.d94639f307c27e8d5ed26d20f5de43e2.png

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