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Clothes of the Nightmare Herald


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The disappearance of magic from Arinar was a sentence for all magical creatures, though one of them simply refused to disappear without a trace. The wretched vestiges of the evil spirit found their abode in a pumpkin and continued to exist there.

There is still a debate among the Knowers - what role the pumpkin played in the life of this creature. Whether it was its symbol, a favorite treat, or just a random object that came in handy. However, the fact remains, the ill-fated pumpkin has repeatedly made its way into the chronicles of Arinar, accompanying unfortunate events.

It is said that after decades of roaming, the pumpkin found a forgotten graveyard and sprouted. The sinister laughter of its fruit still echoes around the area, and if any madman tastes even a bite of it - it will turn into a true herald of nightmares.

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@edziomen iOS users who have played at the time of this season's release will be able to purchase this costume in the future.

As for the possibility of obtaining costumes from other seasons for all players, there will probably be such an opportunity, but now it will not be possible to say for sure.

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