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[2021.12.30] Developers' Diaries: Raids.


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Introducing an important new content update for guilds, which we plan to release in early 2022.  

Keep in mind that the game is still under development. The implementation and naming of mechanics and features may differ from the initial idea and description. We will keep you updated on the changes.



With the change in the structure of the Adamantine Caves, players now can take part in daily battles with world bosses. We decided to continue developing the PvE aspect in this regard and add more challenging opponents, the fights against whom require much more coordinated action from players. The new guild activity will help with that - Raids!

What are raids?

Raids are a guild activity that allows you and your fellow warriors to battle dangerous bosses in specific locations. When you win, you receive personal rewards and resources for guild development, the quality and quantity of which depends not only on the boss but also on its difficulty.


How to access raids?

First of all, to access raids, you have to learn the new guild talents, which we will add to the existing development pages.

After learning a talent, the authorised members of the guild can start preparing for a raid to gather participants. As soon as a guild has enough players, you can teleport to the location to fight the boss.

Please note! You will be able to fight different bosses in the raids, each of which requires a specific talent.

In the beginning, we will be adding boss battles that only 8 to 12 guildmates can join, depending on the boss and its difficulty.


What is the bosses’ difficulty?

Each of the bosses has several difficulty options. By that, we do not simply mean adding damage, health or protection, but acquiring new and dangerous abilities that will challenge even the most experienced adventurers. Of course, the difficulty increase not only adds to the strength of the boss, but also makes the rewards for victory far more valuable.

Once you've mastered the talent you'll only be able to access the normal difficulty, and the opportunity to take part in a more dangerous battle will open after several victories over the first variant of the boss.

Initially, we plan to add 2 bosses to the raids, each of which will be presented in two difficulty variations, and later we plan to increase their number and add more variations of their strength.


How often can you go raiding?

Battle with a raid boss is a dangerous activity that requires not only personal grit and skill of each of the participants, but a high level of team cohesion and tactics. So, for you to prepare for battle, we plan to set the raid access timer to refresh in 24 hours, but with some nuance:

  • Different bosses and their variations will have different timers — the stronger the boss, the longer the timer.
  • The timers of each boss and their difficulty will be separate, so upon unlocking new battles you will be able to go on a raid to several different bosses in different difficulty variants in one day.
  • Each member of the guild can speed up the raid refresh timer by spending free reputation.

This way, developed guilds will be able to fight bosses much more often and receive even more rewards. Speaking of rewards though:


What are the rewards?

The main reward for defeating a raid boss is a resource for developing your guild - energy. Its amount depends on the boss you defeated and its difficulty.

Besides, there is a personal reward for raid participants - currency and resources that can be used for developing the character and their equipment.

However, after the necessary tests, we plan to add the next difficulty for each of the bosses with a new type of reward that will interest you the most. 

After defeating a raid boss of maximum difficulty, with a certain probability, each player will be able to obtain unique items in the creature's image! Intriguing, isn't it?



For now this is all we wanted to share with you today, but it is definitely not all we’ve been working in the past few months. More details about raids will be revealed right before their introduction to the game, and afterwards we will start to actively share information about the game world and its adventures, on the verge of opening which we are.

Happy New Year to you and see you in Skylore!

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