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Monster Slayer's Robes


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For many generations, the inhabitants of Arinar have not seen even a speck of magic. Monsters and curses have become nothing more than childish horror stories for them. And so, when the monsters from fairy tales stepped off the pages into the real world, no one was ready.

Inquisitors and Demonologists lacked the hands to deal with every swamp witch who wanted to steal youth from village maidens. Ordinary Arinarians needed protection more than ever, and soon enough there came those who were not afraid to fight monsters.

As the years passed, the former volunteers became professional hunters, with their own methods and traditions. Their connection with the crows is truly mysterious, because as soon as some beast attacked the settlement, a black flock immediately appeared nearby. And behind it were silhouettes in garments as dark as night itself.

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В 11.01.2023 в 04:09, ВОЛКУС сказал:

Подскажите пожалуйста , я новичок в игре, этот костюм еще можно как нибудь получить?

Этот костюм был наградой за один из сезонов в SkyPass.

Сейчас его получить нельзя, но периодически проводятся акции, которые позволяют приобретать такие наряды. Следите за новостями :HelloLapkaRobastica:

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