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[2022.04.12] Winners of the May Skypass giveaway


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We have summed up the giveaway!

First of all, we would like to thank all of the participants, because with your help we could get a great amount of data for our further work on Gorgor Contracts.

And now we will announce the list of the lucky ones! This time they were:

  • Лев х
  • Low Tide
  • Viciado
  • Blind Shooter
  • Топик

In the attached files you can find the list of characters, arranged in the order in which they fulfill the conditions for participation and screenshot with randomly generated 5 winners selected with help of https://randstuff.ru/

Besides, we decided to celebrate particular players for the time of this event and reward TOP-3 characters in different categories:

The number of completed contracts:

  • 1. Kring — 86 completed contracts — Skypass or 500 diamonds
  • 2. Dommag — 60 completed contracts — 350 diamonds
  • 3. Kotangens — 52 completed contracts — 250 diamonds

Maximum number of killed monsters in the contract run:

  • 1. Taktykraus — 66 monsters — Skypass or 500 diamonds
  • 2. Donhero — 63 monsters — 350 diamonds
  • 3. Sir Magician and Какао — 62 monsters — 250 diamonds

Maximum points gained in one contract:

  • 1. Kring — 6470 points — Skypass or 500 diamonds
  • 2. Аридан — 4750 points — 350 diamonds
  • 3. Safirot — 4720 points — 250 diamonds

While counting the record values we only used those runs, which level was equal to contracts’ level.

We will accrue rewards to giveaway winners and record-breakers till the end of this day.

Thank you everyone for being active!

Участники розыгрыша.xlsx

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