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Weather Control Bundle


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The power of magic is undeniable, but its capabilities are limited by the strength of the caster himself, and only the chosen ones can do truly great things. But everything changes dramatically when techno-magic comes into play! Its adherents are sure that magic is just a component of devices that can radically change the life of the Arinars.

One of these devices was a Weather Control Bundle, developed personally by the techno-mage Schnotz. With this unit and a small supply of elemental batteries, you can easily set the weather to your liking.

Suffering from drought? Throw in water elementals and enjoy the pouring rain! The streets are wet all week long? Just a couple of fiery babies and soon the sun will evaporate all the moisture from the surface! Or maybe the screams of neighbors' children outside the window are driving you crazy? One thunder rager in the tank and they will forget the way out their house for the rest of their lives! 

Remember that serious problems require serious solutions.

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