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[2022.06.01] Winners of the June Skypass giveaway


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Friends, we have concluded the giveaway!

We present you the list of lucky winners. This time, the lucky ones were:

  • Хирург
  • Lolscho
  • 666PRADA
  • Arzus
  • Neykz
  • Валькирич
  • Valkyria

In the attached files you can find a list of characters in the order in which they fulfill the conditions for participation, as well as a screenshot with random generation of 7 winners, which were determined by https://randstuff.ru/ 

In addition, awards were also provided for the most active participants. The record holders for defeating leaders and Skypass holders this season are:

  1. Bdooo - 414 defeated leaders
  2. Meowch  - 393 defeated leaders
  3. Magoth  - 361 defeated leaders

We remind you that when calculating record values, only leaders from those locations were taken into account, the range of monster levels in which corresponded to the level of the character at the time of battle with the leader.

Also, all characters who defeated 30 or more leaders of their level range are guaranteed to receive 100,000 Soul Shards to cleanse chests from the Adamantine Caves with.

We will give rewards to the winners of the giveaway and record holders before the end of the day.

Участники розыгрыша июньских Skypass.xlsx

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