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[2022.06.01] 1.5.0 Update: Changelog


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We'll talk in detail about the additions and changes in the new version of the client 1.5, which are aimed at expanding the functionality of guilds, as well as improving the convenience of using existing tools and game mechanics.


Guild Announcements

Any MMO project implies interaction between players. Of course, you can get together as a guild in a raid or another event in a chat or on third-party sites and messengers, but why not use a new tool for this? Archeon Guilds, welcome the Guild Announcement!


An announcement is a field in which the leader or a deputy can leave information about planned raids, campaigns or other important events. The text written in this field is displayed only for guild members, while for everyone else, only the Guild Note that you already know will be available.


For the convenience of using the mechanics, you can also copy the announcement to the clipboard of your device by pressing a special button in order to save the information in your personal schedule or transfer it to other players not currently in the game world.


Guild Journal

The announcement is, of course, good, but various events are constantly taking place within the guild, and keeping track of them is extremely difficult, even with continuously online. However, these difficulties are now in the past, because we have added one more mechanic - the Guild Journal!


The guild journal stores system messages that reflect the actions of players in the guild. All information is divided into three tabs:

  • Main - information about the change in the note, announcement, set type and minimum level, as well as messages about the study and acceleration of talents.
  • Members - changes in the members: admission to the guild, exclusion and exit, change in the rank of a member.
  • Activities - information about the start of a raid, its result, as well as the acceleration of the cooldown timer.

Only the system can write messages to the guild journal. Any guild member has access to the journal, regardless of their rank. Entries in each tab are kept for one week.
In addition, information about some actions from the journal is duplicated in the guild chat. This applies to changes in memberships in the guild, as well as the start of recruitment to a raid and the completion of the study of a talent.
In the future, we will refine and improve this tool, adding more useful informational alerts as guild content expands.
We hope this tool will help you manage your guild even more effectively!


Guild Leadership Deposition

You have likely already found a cozy company for your adventures in the vastness of Archeon and have been a member of an active guild for a long time. You like the name and composition of the team, but there is one problem - the head stopped playing and left no one who would have a high rank and the necessary access to manage the guild. With the release of version 1.5. You can easily solve this problem!


Now, if the head of the guild does not enter the game for a long time, then the participants will have the opportunity to remove them, taking the leadership for themselves. This function becomes available to heroes depending on the time the leader is inactive, in accordance with their rank:

  • Assistant will be able to replace the leader after 21 days of inactivity
  • Veteran - after 28 days
  • Participant - after 35 days

When this feature is available, the displacement is instantaneous, so the member of a certain rank who uses the opportunity before the others will become the new leader.

Take note! The countdown of the days of inactivity begins with the introduction of this mechanic, so it will be possible to remove the inactive guild leader no earlier than 21 days from the release of this update.

In addition, we have provided a special push notification that the head of the guild will receive in case of a long absence from the game, which will probably help resolve the issue of changing the inactive leadership much faster.


Guild Renaming

There are also cases in which the name of your team has bored its members. Now, to change it, you do not have to create a new guild, but it will be enough to purchase and apply a new consumable - the Guild Rename Scroll.


This item can be purchased by anyone in the premium store, but only the head of a guild can use it. Information about the name change is reflected in the journal, as well as in the world chat.

This item will help you present your team in a new way, but do not forget that the same rules apply to the changed name, and if they are violated, the guild can be renamed manually by the administration.


Other Additions, Changes and Improvements


  • The "Search" section in the guild interface is now available to all players, including those who are already members of the guild.
  • The requirements in the Guild Quests to defeat monsters from the Gorgor Contracts have been changed, now to complete them you will need to fight 1 "Strong" monster and 15 "Normal" monsters respectively.
  • The radius of the battle with the raid boss Great A'nuin on Hard difficulty has been increased.
  • Adamantine Caves daily quests now always automatically refresh when the timer ends.
  • Zones with objectives for completing the daily quest “Sabotage: Forsaken Camp” in Adamantine Caves are now displayed correctly on the map.
  • Chests from the Adamantine Caves that drop after a character's death are no longer visible to other characters on that account.
  • Characters from the same account cannot be in the same group.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a client to crash when inspecting another character's equipment.
  • Fixed a number of errors related to the purchase and accrual of premium goods when paying through the site.
  • Items and sets of the Mentor given during training now require the correct amount of resources to combine.


That's all we wanted to tell you today, but certainly not everything we've been working on lately. Information about further innovations and improvements will be posted soon - follow the news so as not to miss anything.

See you in the game!


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