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Chronicle: Part XII. «Journey into the unknown»


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733203750_ava_grandson_628670.png.c40f378c8005aec83628916bd1aae05b.pngChronicle: Part XII. «Journey into the unknown»

The continuation of Shelley Bacs’ chronicle reveals even more details about the expedition to the center of Arinar. 

You will learn what kind of mysterious vessel was sent to the vanguard, and what role this marvel of engineering, designed by goblins and humans, played in the success of the expedition.



The 114th year after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter - 81st dawn

Well, the first days were restless. Members of various delegations cannot always align their opinions, and each time everything ends in a skirmish. In the eyes of many of them, I see concern, and this is not surprising - everyone has heard stories about the Storm’s End.


The 114th year after the Great Cataclysm

Fourth quarter - 21st dawn

We didn't even notice how it started. Daylight faded, and an impenetrable veil appeared before the fleet, absorbing all the fury of the storm. While most of the expedition members watched this spectacle, the same ship moved forward. The steel shell opened like a flower and we saw the fruits of the labors of goblins and people. The whole ship turned out to be one huge ... cannon. 

A heavy wind strove to tear the spyglass out of my hands, but still I saw how hornless gorrs carried pulsating spheres out of the darkness of the hold. Whatever it was, the water around the ship boiled with heat, and the goblin gunners, as if on cue, loaded the "cannonballs" into the guns. And then came the fated command: “Fire!”.


With a monstrous roar, shells roaring with fury pierced the storm curtain and a fiery hell opened up. A blinding flash lit up everything around, and as soon as our sight returned to us, we saw that only a slight haze remained at the site of the storm. From now on, there was only one way forward.


To be continued …

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