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[2022.06.17] Guild Challenge


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While we are working on a huge mechanics for the guilds, we invite you to raise morale and unity inside the team by participating in our new guild challenge!

Conditions are simple: you will have to go to the Adamantine Caves locations and defeat alphas. The guild's combined successes will be counted, not the individual ones. Accordingly, the rewards will be given to all of the guild’s members. 

Members of TOP-3 guilds in the number of defeated alphas will receive:

  • 1 place - 2500 Free Reputation and 350.000 Soul Shards
  • 2 place - 1500 Free Reputation and  225.000 Soul Shards
  • 3 place - 1000 Free Reputation and 150.000 Soul Shards

Please, note:

- Only the last hit - the final attack to the alpha - will be counted in the score.

- We will take into account the guild members by the end of the competition. If the player kills a bunch of alphas, but by the end of the competition he will be excluded or leave the guild - his kills won’t be counted.

- Only alphas from locations where the range of monster levels will match the level of the character at the time of the last hit on the alpha will be accepted for the competition.


Crystal Grove: Upper Level - 8 level

Crystal Grove: Lower Level - 9 level

Kragg Outskirts: Upper Level - 10-11 level

Kragg Outskirts: Lower Level - 12-14 level

Adamantine Grotto: Upper Level - 15-17 level

Adamantine Grotto: Lower Level - 18-20 level

We also envisaged the compulsory rewards for the participants: all guild members, who defeated 40 and more alphas, will get 200 free reputation and 75.000 soul shards to cleanse chests from the Adamantine Caves.

The competition starts right now and will continue until 20.06 09:00 UTC.

We will sum up the results and award prizes on 20.06 till the end of the day.

Good luck to all the heroes!

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