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[2022.07.14] 1.6.0 Update: Changelog


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Meet version 1.6, which includes even more content for guilds and more! 

This time we have brought both PvE and PvP activities for teams to the game, as well as other new features, changes and improvements. Read the details below!


Guild Wars

Although all the seekers of knowledge of Arkeon are united by common goals to explore the amazing world and reveal its secrets, the motivations and views of the characters can be completely different.

Now you can not only unite with like-minded people in a guild, but also openly oppose another team. It's time to prove your strength and superiority with the help of a new guild activity - Guild Wars!


Guild Wars is a PvP activity in which members of different guilds can fight each other in open world locations, including Dynamic Areas, as well as on all floors of the Adamantine Caves, regardless of the active personal PvP status.

To access the battles, you need to study the “Warfare” talent on the first page of the guild skills. Thanks to him, the head and deputies of the guild become available to switch the PvP status of the guild:


Initially, all guilds have a peaceful status, which does not allow them to take part in guild battles.

After changing the status, the guild can declare war on all other guilds with an active PvP status or receive a declaration of war from them. In addition, the process does not require any confirmation from the opponent: the status of the battles is determined unilaterally at the time of the declaration of war.


You can change your attitude to participation in guild confrontations no earlier than 7 days after switching to combat mode. Therefore, before you plunge into the maelstrom of battles, we advise you to think carefully, and do not forget to consult with your brothers in arms.

After a war is declared between guilds, a special event is created. To win, you need to earn 1000 points faster than the rival guild, or have more points at the end of the event - 3 days are allotted for the war from the moment of the announcement.

Points for progress in the event can be obtained both for crushing the opponents yourself, and for helping in the battle with them. For the last hit on the character, the guild gets 12 points, and for assists - 4. If you are in a battle from several guilds, then keep in mind that each of the participating guilds can get points for helping in the battle with the hero, but no more 4 assist points for defeating one hero.


After one of the guilds is declared the winner, a three-day truce is announced between the participants. After it ends, a new declaration of war between these guilds becomes available again.

simultaneous number of active wars declared by your guild cannot exceed 10. However, the number of events initiated by other guilds is unlimited. 

In order not to get lost in such a massive battle, look into the journal with all current events and the history of the last 30 completed wars. Information from this section is available only to members of the guild.

There are currently no rewards for participating in guild wars, but in the future we will continue to develop this area so that you have an incentive to fight and maintain an active PvP status of the guild.


In addition, we plan to improve the interface and functionality: for example, make information about the wars of other guilds, as well as introduce extended statistics for each of the events displayed in the tab. It is also possible to change the timers and points required to win the guild battle.

And for those who are more interested in the direction of guild PvE, we also have very pleasant surprises.


New type of assignments

Introducing a new type of assignments — Guild Quests, which require a lot of skill and teamwork to complete!


You can find them in the errands section, along with the tasks you already know. In addition, you have a chance to receive up to two Guild Quests after updating Guild errands.

Only the head of the guild or their deputies can start this type of activity. After that, information about the task will be displayed in the task log for all members of the guild.


The Guild Quests has two stages:

Initially, you need to arrive at the specified location and talk to the quest giver. It is enough for any member of the guild to do this, after which a timer will start, during which you will need to find anomalies scattered throughout the location.

Hint: don't look for anomalies in the Dynamic Areas - they definitely won't be there!


After you have successfully collected all the anomalies, access to the second stage will open - battle with the boss at the selected location. This battle will also be limited in time, and the timer starts after interacting with the NPC of one of the guild members.

The entire guild can take part in the battle with the boss, however, if there are more than 6 people at the location, then the boss will receive additional health points for each of them.

After defeating the boss, the quest can be considered completed, and all guild members who participated in at least one of the quest stages will receive the reward.


If you do not have enough time to collect items or fight the boss, do not get upset ahead of time: you will have one more try. However, in this case, the stages of the errand restart from the very beginning. 

Such tasks will definitely help you bond and teach team interactions that will definitely come in handy for other activities and future content.

P.S.: Now there are 4 types of such tasks - one for each of the existing locations. Each task has its own boss with its own mechanics and abilities, the features of which you will have to study on your own. In the future, we will add new bosses for each of the quests, and which one you have to fight in the second stage will be determined randomly.

Tokens and the Guild Store

Speaking of rewards, now you will no longer receive gold, knowledge, equipment, or a contract with a gorgor for completing guild errands. We have replaced them with Guild Tokens!


The name of the new currency reflects only the way of receiving them, because you can buy for it unique items exclusively for personal use, which cannot be obtained in any other way. The entire available assortment is presented in the Guild Store - in a new tab of the in-game store.

Now let's go through the assortment, among which you will find completely new and incredibly powerful consumables:

  • Scroll of Destruction: Spirit Eater - instantly destroys all enemy illusions, copies and spirits of animals in the selected area.
  • Scroll of Dreams: Entropy - Reduces healing done by 40% for all enemies within 8 meters for 15 seconds.
  • Scroll of Rage: Unstoppable - for 30 seconds upon receiving a stun, fear or sleep effect, removes it from you and makes you immune to the entire group of effects for 3 seconds, and also applies a barrier effect for 7 seconds, after which the scroll stops.
  • Potion of Purification - Instantly removes all damage over time effects from you (bleeding, poisoning, burning).


The last lot requires special attention - the Blacksmith's Chest, in which you are guaranteed to find 3 items of ordinary or Unusual quality, and in the possible contents you will find:

  • Scroll of Protection: Perseverance - for 5 minutes, reduces damage from characters by 20% if your health is less than 50%.
  • Scroll of Protection: Monstrologer - Reduces damage from monsters by 15% for 5 minutes.
  • A tempered item of equipment from any set of equipment!


We’re sure you’ll agree that the items are really valuable and significantly affect the balance of power in battles, so each of the items will have a daily limit on the number of purchases.

Please note that in order to purchase goods in the guild store your personal reputation must be at least a certain value. This value may vary for different products.

And so that you can afford more cool consumables and other useful goods, we have made changes to the mechanics of the weekly reset of personal reputation: now guild members receive a personal reward - 1 Token for every 20 points of personal reputation, instead of energy for the guild, as it was before.


And, of course, in the future the assortment of the store will be replenished with new unique consumables and other useful and interesting goods.

Advanced Guild Search 

If you haven't found any comrades in arms yet, the improved guild search is perfect for team building!


Now you can view three selections of guilds:

  • Recommended - the algorithm selects the guilds that are most suitable for your character. The order in this list is random and doesn't really matter.
  • Advanced - sorted by the number of guild experience points, and if equal - by the maximum mastery of the guild.
  • Active - sort by the highest average personal reputation of guild members, and if equal - by the maximum mastery of the guild.

In addition, you have the option to apply filters to display only guilds with free slots and an open draft, as well as lineups that include characters from your friends list. 

And yes, even a character who is already in the guild can use all the advanced search functionality.


It is worth remembering that the interface is primarily intended not for a full rating or viewing of all existing guilds, but for showing some of the recommended or most developed lineups, so their number in the list will be limited.


Other New Features, Changes, and Tweaks


Of course, since the last update, we've been focusing on more than just guild updates. Here is a list of things that we have already finished working on:

  • Mechanics of the Hunter passive ability called “Saving Feast” have been changed - now the hero receives an increase in the “Evasion” characteristic depending on the class characteristic score.
  • Using the Hunter's ability "Acid Rain" now applies the Spirit of the Boar effect on the character, and the ability "Rage of the Spirits" - the Spirit of the Wolf.
  • Added sounds for the effects of increasing the level of rewards when completing Contracts with Gorgors and accessing additional tabs of the consumable belt.
  • The time allotted for a battle in the “Tower Defense” Arena format has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3.
  • The difficulty of completing Contracts with Gorgors of the “Normal” quality has been reduced - fewer monsters appear, and the time between their appearances has been increased.
  • The boss can no longer appear less than 40 seconds before the end of the timer when passing the Contracts with the Gorgors.
  • Interactivity in all Dynamic Areas can now be done together. In addition, some have been simplified by lowering the progress counter or changing how items needed to complete tasks work.
  • To speed up the timer for the fight with the raid boss, premium currency is now required, not free reputation.
  • Fixed a number of bugs due to which the character could incorrectly receive the “Rested” buff.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented interacting with items whose required level was lower than or equal to the level of the character.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was not possible to close the window with rewards for the completed task.
  • Fixed a bug related to the incorrect operation of the inactive guild leader replacement  function.


That's all we wanted to tell you today, but as usual, not all that we have been working on and continue to work on at the moment. Take part in guild battles, complete new tasks and don't forget to share your opinion with us about the changes. And we will not forget to tell and show you even more cool new additions very soon!

See you in the game!

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