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Chronicle: Part XIII. «Mountain from the prophecies»


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1931013077_ava_grandson_628670.png.5e138b54c60f7e85b68a045af8bcc67e.pngChronicle: Part XIII. «Mountain from the prophecies»

This part of the chronicle of Shelley Bux is dedicated to the arrival at the goal of the expedition, and the first steps of the representatives of Arinar's people made in the lands of Arkeon.

What secrets does this huge mountain hide, and what dangers await the brave members of the expedition? The answer to this and other questions is yet to be found by the protagonist and the participants of the campaign.



The 114th year after the Great Cataclysm

Fourth quarter - 25th dawn 

The Storm’s End was left behind and our triumph was gradually replaced by anxiety. Flashes of light on the horizon, screams in the night and a seditious thought that whispers to you again and again: “This is no longer Arinar.” Like many, I try to put it out of my head, but I'm afraid that the team's determination hangs in the balance.


114th year after the Great Cataclysm

Fourth quarter - 27th dawn

Unbelievable, it really exists! It is difficult to convey the awe that we experienced at the sight of the gigantic scale of the mountain. However, it wasn’t the size that was the main reason for open mouths and fascinated glances, but something else. From the very base, to the very peak, a huge rift stretched, radiating with a dazzling purple light...


As soon as the ships moored, the members of the expedition rushed straight to the rift. There was no trace of the former skepticism and prudence. Something drew us all inside and it was impossible to resist this call. Although here our friends from the Inquisition and demonologists would be happy to argue. Paladins and black guards stood in the way of the blade-wielding mob, whose sight instantly cooled the explorers' zeal. 


Heated disputes flared up, part of the expedition members demanded to let them go to the rift, while the other called for refraining from rash actions. The longer the groups argued among themselves, the more heated the situation became. I realized that things were bad when the hands of the explorers reached for weapons, just one wrong word and the research mission would have turned into a massacre. 

And then two people stepped out of the crowd: an elf and a nox. Despite their young ages and modest robes, they carried themselves like kings, which was not surprising — the marks of the ancient houses of Moraktar and Ilkhor spoke for themselves. To everyone's relief, the duo's speeches brought the parties to an agreement and several explorers were allowed to enter the rift.

Gathering their courage, the lucky ones took a step towards their fate and disappeared in a dazzling radiance. And then… A wave of light surged straight from the rift, filling our bodies and the earth itself with mystical energy. One of the gorrs grabbed his sword and it lit up with flames, while a frightened moire nearby closed his eyes and disappeared into a cloud of darkness. Is this… MAGIC?



To be continued …

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