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[2022.07.28] 1.7.0 Update: Changelog


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We are talking about new features, improvements and changes in the new version of the client that have affected game interfaces, class balance and other aspects of the game.


World map

Planning any adventure or journey is much easier if you can visualize the route. We are glad to inform you that now you can do it not in your head, but using a full-fledged Skylore world map!


As you can see, the map contains not only locations familiar to you, but also lands that the brave adventurers of Archeon have yet to visit and explore.

In the current version, the mechanic will allow you to view maps of available locations, see signs in territories that have outstanding tasks, and also track the movement of your group members.

In the next updates, we plan to add more detailed information about a location when you click on its image, for example: what kind of outstanding tasks there are and which of your group members is in a particular area.

In addition, a menu will be displayed on the screen indicating the availability or timer for receiving a reward for the battle with world bosses.

The function of following to a specific point in a location will still only work within the location where your character is located. However, this may change in the future.




We've reviewed a wealth of player-to-player combat data and decided to make the following changes to the abilities, effects, and glyphs of the Shadow class:

  • The "Poison" effect now reduces the healing of characters by 30%, regardless of the number of effects acting on the character. The change will also affect other classes that can apply the Poison effect.
  • The “Shadowmaster” glyph of the “Invisibility” ability now applies the “Shadowmaster Invisibility” effect to teammates. This effect does not give the character the usual bonuses from Invisibility.
  • The “Visibility” effect, which prevents the use of “Invisibility” for a few seconds when exiting it, is now applied only to the targets of the “Shadowmaster Invisibility” effect. Characters who go into "Invisibility" with their own spells can use it without restrictions.
  • When using the “Thousand Blades” ability with the “Shadow Tread” glyph from invisibility, the character will not receive an invisibility effect again after completing the ability.

So far, these are all the changes regarding the Shadow class, however, we understand that in the conditions of the MMORPG project, in which new territories, opponents, equipment and abilities will appear in the game, work on the balance of classes should never stop, and we will continue to monitor this aspect of the game !



Taking into account the changes in the characteristics of monsters and characters, which we gradually introduced in different updates of the beta testing, we decided to improve the balance the basic consumables.


We are talking about items that can be purchased from Gorgor merchants, namely: dynamites, decoctions and healing potions.

The values of small and medium potions have been slightly lowered, while the values of large ones have been increased.

In addition, we've improved the "Health Concoction" type consumables - the healing effect that is applied when health drops below 20% now lasts longer and restores more health.


Don't forget to use consumables in battles and adventures, because they can not only strengthen you, but also turn the tide of battle!


Other novelties, changes and improvements


  • The boss of the guild quest "The Ripper" no longer interrupts the cast of their abilities.
  • The "Fire-Eye" guild quest boss summons 3 to 5 minions per cast.
  • Added an element that calls a page with a description of the mechanics of the “Guild Journal”.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the area outside the fog of war on the Battlefield turned black.
  • The guild information window now displays the current PvP status of the guild.
  • Fixed a bug related to the inability to leave the group after completing a dungeon.
  • The "Magnitude" glyph of the Hunter's "Spirit Rage" ability now works as described.


These are all the new features and changes we've been able to complete in the last few weeks, but definitely not all of the things we've been working on. Stay tuned for updates on new content and other important events.

See you in the game!

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