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True Sight Robe


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A great king once had an ominous vision in a dream. It foretold that in his blindness, the monarch would not see his kingdom coming to end. In despair, he decided to cheat fate and performed an ancient ritual. The king sacrificed his own eyes and in return received an ominous garment that gifted him "true sight."

The artefact revealed to the eye all that lurked in the souls of the people surrounding the king. He saw greed and hubris growing in the hearts of the heirs. He saw the flattery that concealed the true motives of the councillors. He decided that he would escape what was in store for him if he purged his palace and his country of the unworthy.

Obsessed with the idea, he didn't even notice how there was no-one left to command the army, run the country or even maintain the castle. Thus, the previously prosperous kingdom, turned to ashes, for the king was never able to look into his own heart.

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