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[2022.10.17] Pumpkin Moon 2022


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Let's talk about additions, improvements, changes and temporary events in the new version of the client 1.11, timed to coincide with the annual celebration of the Pumpkin Moon — an in-game holiday analogous to Halloween.


Themed Contracts with Gorgors 

Even the massive celebration cannot distract the Gorgors from doing their business. So, by a collective decision, these creatures added a mysterious entity, the Herald of Nightmares, to the list of ill-wishers, and, wasting no time, issued thematic Contracts, according to which any adventurer will be able to fight with the newly-made blood-sworn enemy.


The principle of the mechanics has remained unchanged: you need to fight opponents in a selected location within the allotted time and stay alive until the timer expires in order to receive a reward, but the battle will take place according to different rules.

Having arranged such an agreement, you will be taken to a small location for a boss fight. Before a duel with a powerful enemy, you will have to repel several waves of attacks from their minions.


If you manage to defeat the Herald of Nightmares before the timer allotted for the passage of the contract expires, then you will have the opportunity to return to the battle with the waves of opponents.

You can get the Halloween Contracts with Gorgors every day in the in-game store, absolutely free of charge, during the entire Hallow's End — until the end of October. In addition, once a day, you also have the opportunity to purchase an additional Contract with Guild Tokens. 


As a reward for completing and fighting creatures within the festive Contracts with Gorgors, you can get not only gold, knowledge, and hardened equipment, but also Halloween consumables and thematic currency — Pumpkins, but we'll talk about it later.



PvP fans will also have something to do during the celebration of the Pumpkin Moon, namely, battles in the Battleground mode with 2 new mechanics and valuable rewards! 


Important details worth mentioning:

First, the holiday mode events will be available not only on weekends, but throughout the week, so you can take part in exciting Battle Royal battles any day.

Secondly, for the duration of the Pumpkin Moon, all players, regardless of the acquired SkyPass, will receive an unlimited number of attempts (lives) to fight on the Battleground, so you can still collect all event rewards while playing actively.

Please note that the new event will start today at 19:00 Moscow time. Do not forget to collect rewards from the last battle, after the start of the event this will not be possible.

And now about one of the mechanics:

  • Out of combat health regeneration is completely disabled, and in addition, the effectiveness of all healing abilities is greatly reduced.
  • If the character does not attack the enemy within 7 seconds, then he receives a negative effect, under the influence of which he will lose health points every second, being in any part of the map. To reset the effect, you must deal damage to another character.


  • Damage to other characters with attacks and abilities, with the exception of the effects of periodic damage, restores health points, and when defeating an enemy hero (dealing the last hit), the character is fully healed.


With these rules, battles in the mode will be much more colorful and interesting!

For victories in the events of the Battlegrounds, you can get not only gold and knowledge, but also, as in the case of holiday Contracts, thematic rewards — consumables and holiday currency.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to open access to a premium line of rewards, which will allow you to get even more currency, consumables, and also new themed minions:


 Sinister Pumpkin


  • Attacks with a certain chance impose a “burning” effect on the enemy.

  • Periodically inflicts the “fear” effect on all enemies in a small radius.


 Bone Warrior


  • Attacks with a certain chance impose a “splitting” effect on the enemy.
  • Periodically stuns the current target.
  • Immune to healing effects, but restores health points when attacking opponents.

With such assistants, you will definitely emerge victorious from any battle!

P.S. In next week's mode event, another new mechanic will be used, but designed for group battles, and for winning battles you can get more rewards, including a unique one. We'll tell you the details later ;)


Seller of themed consumables

You can spend the themed currency earned on holiday activities at special event merchants, which are located in cities and settlements of large locations, including Adamant Caves.


In the assortment you will find the Halloween consumables you already know:

  • Caramelized Bat
  • Healing
  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Pumpkin Stimulator
  • Sinister Contract
  • Amber Gardener
  • Zhuteoil

Shop for holiday paraphernalia and have a good time, but remember that items of this type are temporary and will disappear from the inventory shortly after the end of the Pumpkin Moon event.

If you are interested in the opportunity to get a more valuable reward and try your luck, then you can spend pumpkins on another purchase.


Pumpkin Moon store

During the holiday, you can use the accumulated pumpkins to purchase a special event chest — the Skulking Horror Chest.


Inside, you are guaranteed to find gold, as well as a few random themed minions.

However, the main value of the strongbox is the opportunity to receive rare random rewards: tempered equipment items and a new unique winged appearance — Dark Paladin Robes.


The history of this outfit can be found by link — 

For those who are not ready to spend time earning event currency, there is an alternative chest with completely identical contents — the Chest of Awakened Terror.

You can buy it for premium currency, either one or 10 pieces at once, with a pleasant discount.


In addition, for fans of premium services, we have also prepared two promotional offers in honor of the celebration: the Pumpkin Moon Pack and the Big Pumpkin Moon Pack.

Inside the packs you will find gold, knowledge, equipment, diamonds and another Halloween minion.


Restless Spirit


  • Attacks have a chance to freeze the enemy, reducing their attack speed.
  • Very high dodge chance.
  • Aura of reducing the movement speed of opponents.

The offer is limited, and an individual character can purchase a maximum of 3 sets of each type.

Please note: owners of Android devices can purchase bundles from the premium store in the game or through a special section of our website, and for iOS users, due to technical limitations of testing, the purchase is available only through the website — https://skylore.com/ru/payments

We hope that with such innovations, the Pumpkin Moon will be fun and provide you with a lot of valuable and cool rewards!


Other changes:


In addition to the festive content, we’ve made a number of other changes, improvements and fixes, namely:

Guild Quests:

  • Anomalies and the entrance to the location of the battle with the boss for guild quest now appear on all channels of the location.
  • The time allotted for collecting anomalies in guild quests has been increased by 10 seconds.
  • The health of bosses in guild quests has been significantly reduced.
  • The guild and personal rewards received by characters for completing guild quests have been increased. In addition, the reward received for defeating the boss has been increased, and each participant in the battle will additionally receive a bag of gold.


  • Fixed a number of errors related to the “Prison” entity.
  • Increased rewards for completing quests in the Tenebris Dynamic Area.
  • Reduced the number of monsters from Contracts with Gorgors that must be defeated to complete the Guild Quest from 15 to 5.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused incorrect reward counters to be displayed in the Contracts with Gorgors.
  • It is no longer possible to get weapons that do not fit the character class from any mode chests.
  • Guardian class's Arsenal of Heaven ability now continues to deal damage even after the character's death, however, some buffs for Chaos Mote may not work — we will fix this error in the next updates.
  • All active participants in the battle now receive a reward for defeating the world bosses Gnawer, Baladrog and Decayra, however, if there are more than 12 players near the boss, then its health will be proportionally increased.
  • Improved minions' pathfinding — now they will get stuck in obstructions much less often.
  • Added in-game news mechanics.


These are all the new features and changes we've been able to complete in the last few weeks, but definitely not all of the things we've been working on. Stay tuned for updates on new content and other important events.

Happy Pumpkin Moon and see you in the game!

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