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Lord Ignus' Mantle


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The history of Lord Ignus is as confusing as it is contradictory.  In some stories, this is an aristocrat who toyed with forbidden magic.  Others describe him as a valiant and noble warrior whose burial was desecrated.

 Be that as it may, the rebellious body mysteriously disappeared from the crypt, and all that the Inquisition's hunters managed to get was the story of a farmer scared to death.  The poor fellow swore that he saw a bone monster in his fields and it would have just about killed him just, had it not entered into an argument with ... a pumpkin.

 The farmer did not understand a word of what the creatures said, but he realized one thing for sure: that night witnessed a new, terrifying union. The Pumpkin held out a hand that appeared out of nowhere, and the skeletal horror responded to the handshake, after which both creatures disappeared in flashes of ghostly fire.

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