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Order of Sprockets Attire


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"I am movement, I am static." Exhausted from hunger and thirst in the middle of a crumbled mine, the foreman Sprocketz repeated the cherished words over and over again. The goblin's attempt to charge a de-energized drill with his own finger might have seemed like madness, but for him it was the most logical way to escape.

From his very birth, Sprocketz believed in the ideals of engineering, and that the road to the future was paved with gears. However, after a week of imprisonment, a week filled with horror and despair, his faith was shaken. “Just one wild spark… How unreliable.” - he repeated lying on the floor and fixing his eyes on the darkness of the ceiling.

Resigned to his fate and thinking about the nature of the ideal mechanism, Sprocketz suddenly realized that it already exists. The whole world is a mechanism, and he is its sprocket. And at that moment, when a charge of unprecedented power passed through the goblin's body and revived the extinguished drill, the first monk of the Order of the Sprocket was born.

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