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[2022.11.03] Arena mode update


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Let's talk about new features and changes in the Arena mode:




All matches will take place within certain time intervals — seasons, at the end of which the rating points will be reset. 

Only those points that are received in excess of the threshold stage with a reward within the current league will be reset. If you did not have time to reach and receive it, then your rating will not change.

Thus, the most active and skilled gladiators will be taken into account in the leaderboards every month.

As with Guild Wars and Raids, you can also view the results of the current and previous season in the Arena mode interface.

It is worth noting that progression rewards will not be updated during the change of season, they can only be received once, but there is one exception!


League of Titans


This is a new league designed for high-level characters, so the mechanics in it work differently:

Firstly, the progress rewards will be updated with each season change, so it will always remain relevant.

Secondly, due to this specific, the mechanics of resetting the rating will also work differently — you will lose not only all the points accumulated over the maximum stage with a reward, but also an additional part of the rating.

In addition, other matchmaking settings will be applied for the new league, allowing you to select players for matches not by skill, but by the closest opponents in terms of rating.

Also, due to the large range of levels and matchmaking settings, the effective level tool will be used in battles, but only upwards. In other words, if characters of different levels appear in the same battle, then their effective level will be raised to the maximum among all participants in the match.

In the rewards for reaching the stages of progress of the high-level league of the arena, you will find not only gold, knowledge and resources for developing equipment, but also the premium currency — Diamonds. There are significantly more stages inside than in previous leagues, so you will definitely have something to do.


But that's not all, a new currency requires special attention, which can also be obtained for completing the League of Titans — Tokens of Glory.


Arena Store


You can spend the accumulated tokens in a special section of the in-game store, using them to purchase fragments to create new skins for your character:

  • Mantle of the Unscorched
  • Bone Armor
  • Freelancer Armor
  • Knight Armor

The first three outfits are dedicated to the existing Arena combat formats and are made in the style of their locations — Lake of Fire, Sinister Graveyard and Abandoned Shooting Range.


Stylistic matching is not the only connection — you can also get costume fragments from large 12 hour chests, depending on the battle format, for winning which the coveted treasure is received. Fragments of the Knight armor can only be purchased with Tokens of Glory.

With these changes, the mode will not only be more balanced and fun, but will also become more relevant as your character progresses.


After running a few seasons, and making adjustments if necessary, we also plan to work on the system of rewards for positions in the league rankings, but we will definitely talk about this another time.

Good luck in battle!

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В 14.11.2022 в 23:31, Dmitrii1985 сказал:

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