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  1. Уточните, пожалуйста, где вы пытаетесь зарегистрироваться, и пришлите скрины.
  2. We will share the info about this a bit later
  3. Rowan


    Not for now, this feature is in development.
  4. You may see at your screenshots under the level number there's an arrow that looks down - it means that you're on the territory where levelling system is in action. And it means that not only your level is down but also stats, hp, mastery points. Leveling system is working on the locations too.
  5. Did you change hero's equipment?
  6. In some cases hero's level can be lower due to the levelling system. For example, now in Dungeons the level of all characters will be changed to the minimum among the members of a group. If you’re entering a dungeon without a group, the game will try to match heroes with a minimum level scatter — no more than 3.
  7. Please, can you specify: do you mean that it gets lower in regimes such as Dungeons or Arena?
  8. We're working on this issue to fix it. Thank you for the report!
  9. О баге в курсе, будем править. Спасибо за репорт!
  10. Возможность удаления персонажей на данный момент ограничена. Спасибо за репорт!
  11. Добрый день! На данный момент временно ограничена возможность удаления персонажа. Спасибо за сообщение!
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