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Found 15 results

  1. Keatz

    New Boss

    Is this some kind of a new boss??? It was easy to kill but didn't drop anything & moreover I thought it might be a bug..we waited for this boss to respawn after the first kill but other boss(mili militia Archer) respawn..so i just wanna make sure whether it is a new boss or bug... & Btw it's a lv 14 boss...
  2. Hello, I would like to report an error. When I enter the dungeon, an error occurs and exits the loading screen and goes to the characters. Upon entering the character again, he enters.
  3. A um tempo presenciei um bug na entrada da Adamantine Grotto, mais precisamente no lado sentinela na entrada perto do NPC que iniciou uma tarefa nível 9 dentro da Grotto. É possível ignorar a escadaria e entrar por trás do teletransporte que leva a Grotto, na parte superior da montanha onde fica a entrada
  4. Ola, gostaria de saber se isso é certo Tem um monstro na primeira caverna PvP que está dando stun sem parar e o pior e que na maioria das vezes você acaba morrendo sem a menor chance de matar ele. Detalhe que você não pode dar o ataque básico não pode usar potes de hp não pode fazer nada!
  5. RustoDeAnimo

    chest bug

    when opening a large arena chest, only 1 item fell out
  6. Hi yesterday i was doing daily quest and suddenly my hero not move I try relog 3 times still not moves hopefully i got mobs around... so i unequiped and only had my bow on to hit the one of mobs to kill me ...idk what and why it happens maybe that area is bugged or... i just wanted to report thus thx
  7. Puppymaster

    Level bug

    Hello there I'm so loving this game and just started to play it i mean now I'm level 11 and close to 12 but my level bug I'm lv11 but it shows 10 and my hp goes low from 5500 to 4400 Everytime i try arena my lvl be 11 but after arena again my lvl bug and be on 10 i took some ss
  8. Здравствуйте, поддержка, мой ник в игре - Ghostspeed, и я обнаружил ошибку в ежедневном задании, после использования навыка прыгающего охотника, я застрял в стенах или в другом месте, я не могу выбраться оттуда, просто умираю или иду на арену, это заставляет меня появляться на статуе.
  9. hi there i have reported some bugs already and one more bug i find whenever i level up my hero hp goes lower lol it must get higher but when i leveled to 10 it get low and now im lvl 12 and my hp get more lower and my lvl still on lv10 ... pls fix it my account name : puppymaster thanks!
  10. Puppymaster

    Dungeon bugs

    Hi there There i found another bug.. I'm lvl 11 but when i enter a dg my lvl goes down to 7 and now i can't even enter dg when i got the party and we send into dg game says failed loading location and i can't log for 10 -20mins my hero please fix it
  11. Монстры могут атаковать через препятствия, так же можно атаковать и их
  12. Jeffrs

    Riddler bug

    Found this bug in the dialogue box where he says how to destroy the barrier PROJETOS1_2020_04_28_1_s.mp4
  13. KenJoy

    Teleport bug

    When i teleport into a waypoint, it sometimes teleport me into a random place without even a waypoint (mostly in an area i have been recently). I encountered this bug a couple of times already.
  14. Davi

    Bug em batalha

    Na hora do combate, se um oppnente estiver em segundo andar e o outro estiver no primeiro o conbate continua normalmente..a seguir na imagem... E outro, quando os mobs usam habilidades mesmo depois de morto o habilidade continua a ser executada.
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